Monday, April 14, 2014

More Spring 2013- Kate's 8th Grade Graduation

happy mother's day to me
they knew i was watching what i ate- trying to lose a few lbs so they made me a healthy breakfast

one day we took the kids out of school and drove to boise
 Katie graduated from 8th grade!
It was appropriate to celebrate because she really was graduating from Taylor's Crossing and would be a Freshman in high school!  It was an emotional goodbye and ending of an era.  They had a nice program and gave out diplomas and then the kids partied.

some friends

she love her teacher

best buds

her longtime friend adri

after a cake to the face from logan, the after-after party started at our house

the after party at ijump

liv got some bright pink lipstick in a goodie bag at a friend's birthdya party

we got new dresses 
kate in her graduation dress

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