Monday, April 14, 2014

Bekah's Double Digits

May 19, 2013
Rebekah turned 10!
Rebekah is an amazing kid.  She is funny, sweet, caring, creative, helpful, just so much fun to have around.  He giggle is contagious and she generally sees the bright side of life.
Her 10th birthday fell on a family party year and a Sunday.
So, kind of low-key.
Her biggest request was that I not count any calories on her birthday and eat what ever I wanted.
She also wanted an oreo cake.
She knows my deep love of oreos :0)
I obliged, we ate and had fun!

bithday breakfast

choco-chip pancakes, whipcream, cherries and bacon

she got something new to wear to church

she's 10!

this cake.
chocolate cake, best frosting ever with crushed oreos mixed in placed between each of the 4 layers.
I don't remember what she ordered for dinner, but I do remember this cake.  Yum.

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