Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's 40!!

 My hubby is my very best friend. He is the best husband, father and goofball anyone could ask for.
So, for his 40th birthday, I wanted to make it memorable.  He has always made me promise- no surprise parties.  He really doesn't like to be the center of attention- EVER.

Our neighbor, Mike,  is exactly 6 days older than Scotty.  So, I talked Mike's wife, Autumn into throwing a double surprise party with me!  We planned the whole thing out- my good friends helped us.  I only needed to tell a few lies to Scotty to get him off the trail. Our Bishop works at a funeral home so, of course we had to ask to have the party there!
We went out to dinner with Mike and Autumn- to celebrate their birthdays.  We promised not to make them sing to them.
Then, out of the blue, our Bishop called Mike and said he was at work, there was an emergency, and that he needed a priesthood blessing.  Did Mike have anyone handy he could bring along??  Why yes, he did.  :)
So, the four of us left the restaurant.
On our way to the car, Mike asked, "Is this legit??  Does a Bishop call and ask for a blessing at his place of work on a Saturday night?"
Scott said, "What do you think, it's a cover for a surprise party?" 

I thought we were done.  They were on to us.
But, no.  He was kidding!

When we walked into the funeral home and the party was obvious, Scotty later said he thought it was for Mike.  Never occurred to him that it was his birthday too!

Got him!

This picture is of Scotty and RJ at a church Christmas party.  He is such a great sport.  He agreed to be a Roman Centurion guarding the city of Bethlehem.    

The party was fun- wheelchair races!
The Toilet Cake

Here he is - so cute!

 More Wheel Chair Race Photos

 Hope he had fun!
I still can't believe he didn't know!

His actual birthday- with his usual
French Silk Pie
We are so glad we have him!
Love you Scotty!

Late Fall/Early Winter/Olivia

Some random pics.

 {Olivia loved this hat while we were Christmas shopping}

 The girls found some chairs at Cal Ranch

 Olivia looking pretty before Church

Thanksgiving Pies- Katie made a Reese's Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie and I made an Apple Pie

Olivia lost her 2nd Tooth

Halloween 2012

 Halloween 2012 was a fun one.  Scotty had just quit his job in Montana- (he just can't live without us and we can't live without him) 
We did the usual- School carnival, Trunk-or-Treat, Trick-or-Treat, Carve pumpkins, Spooky Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's.  We had a spooktacular time. 

 Olivia and a buddy at the school carnival- they didn't plan ahead to both be cheerleaders :)

 Of course we got in some college football at Buffalo Wild Wings- once or twice :)

We carved our garden grown pumpkins- which explains this green thing.

 Olivia loves her siblings something fierce

We did the corn maze.  Late, late late in the season.  So it was lame.  The corn was thinned out and tramped down. 
But we still had fun.  Here are the kids at a lookout bridge.

Here they are in costume glory.


 Lady Pirate

 Yellow Morph Suit

 We called this Night Circus performer- she liked the mask

Happy Halloween!

A Deacon in the House

Jack turned 12 in 2012!  
His dad was working in Montana on his birthday, so we tried to make it special. 
 He started off with Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Buttermilk Syrup, Whipped Cream, Cherries and Bacon.  
 It was in the shape of a "12" - for some reason the pic is sideways.

Before football practice we had some cake!

 Big Wish!

Scotty was home for the weekend, and was able to ordain Jack with the Aaronic priesthood.  It was a special day.  We combined Grandpa Larsen's birthday celebration with Jack's ordination party. 

Matching Ties from Aunt Tyree

2012 Fall Fun

Here are some random pics of some of the fun we had last fall. 

One day, when Scotty was working in Montana, and we were feeling lonely and sorry for ourselves, we drove up to see the Tetons and the pretty fall colors.
Of course we had to stop for square ice cream cones in Swan Valley...
Ice cream always makes us smile!

 Beautiful view of the Tetons from Driggs
 Made the kids pose next to an abandoned house...

Crazy Hair Day 2012

 Also on Crazy Hair Day, was Jack's end of season Football Party at Pizza Pie Cafe.  So the girls looked a little strange at the pizza party :)

 The boy can put away the pie
 Oreo Pizza.
A typical Idaho October usually includes one of these guys....
Notice it is a tall FOUR ball snowman!

Back to School 2012

Back to School 2012 was a big year for us.  
Liv started 1st grade! 
 It would have been fun to see what that was like- 
having all four gone all day -
 but I decided to work at the kids' school part time. 
 I was an aid in the Afternoon Kindergarten!  It was a blast.  Those kids are great for your self esteem.  It was a great fix for a praise junkie like me.  It was also fun to be where my kids were each day.  They all found a reason to stop by and see me during the day.  I loved being there with them.  

Jack started 6th grade!

Our 1st Grader Livi!

Sweet Bekah was a 4th grader- Idaho History!

Katie was our adorable 8th grader

The whole gang-

Olivia was the only kid cool enough to let me take a picture at school.  She had a wonderful teacher!  I was a little sad that we were done sending kids to Mrs. Crocker.  She is so loving and kind with children.  Olivia was her last Yeager!