Sunday, June 30, 2013

More Summer 2012

These two got to be good friends being on the same baseball team.  They spent a lot of time together.  One day, after baseball season was over and football season had just started, Jack was spending the day at his pal's house.  A pool noodle weapon fight was fine until these geniuses started throwing them like spears.  Then, I got the phone call.  Jack is hurt, bleeding and needs stitches.  Hooray!
So we grabbed Jack and his bud, got the stitches and brought them both home for more fun.  

Here's the gruesome pics:

 Right on the shin bone, not a lot of meat there, it takes a LONG time for a shin injury to heal.
 Part of the fun, was Jack cleaning his room and these three things that he found and posed with. 
We love the randomness and hilarity that come with this goofball. 

Shortly after the shin incident, was scout camp.  It was located by a body of water with swimming planned every day.  So poor JC who had been instructed to keep his stitches dry really missed out.  :(

 We took advantage of the time without Jack for a girly shopping trip for back to school clothes at the mall.  Liv loves to pose in hats!

Because Jack was only 11 years old, he wasn't supposed to "stay" at scout camp the whole week.  But, he did need 3 campouts for his 11 year old requirements.  So we volunteered to camp there every other night by the others so he technically wasn't breaking any rules.   So we got to be there for some of the stories- the skunks skunking around the food trailer, the knife injuries.  It was worth it for him to be there.  His leaders did a great job.

 Dirty boy after camp- his backpack got sprayed by a skunk.  Hanging his head in shame.
One morning on our way back home after a night with the eleven year old scouts, we saw these young bucks just to the right of our truck.   

Summer 2012-- Yellowstone Park!!

Last August. we took a 5 day camping trip into Yellowstone Park.  Living so close, we usually just drive up for the day and that really limits the amount of the park we get to see.  So, we were thrilled to get into more of the park and spend some time with our family in the midst of the one of the most beautiful places on earth.   Here are a whole mess of pictures of the fun we had!

 she had just gotten her hair cut

 we had to hike down this steep hill to get to the river.  It was a feat of bravery for some of us!

 The prettiest picnic lunch location ever!  It was on the way to the Montana boarder- northeast

 Weird spider living in the hot pools.

 It's a lady elk