Sunday, June 10, 2012

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, we actually went to visit some ancestors.
Specifically, I had been wanting to visit my grandparents' graves.  I hadn't been since my grandmother's funeral in 2006.
I have been so neglectful.

So we headed out to the cemetery.  I brought my "ancestor book" (a "scrapbook" of sorts my parents made for me filled with pictures and info about my ancestors) because I had dim memories of visiting them and the stories my mom would tell me about them.  I wanted my kids to know them as well.

So we looked in the book for names and had an ancestor scavenger hunt in the cemetery.

This one I remembered on my own.
Mary Taylor Simmons Robinson crossed the plains in the Martin Handcart Company.  True Pioneer hero. She was quite frozen by the time the rescue party arrived.
She is my great great great grandmother.  Her son's name is George Albert Simmons.

At Mary Taylor Simmons Robinson's grave
These are my great great grandparents, George Albert Simmons and Sarah Jane Coles Simmons.
  • George had one of the first automobiles in the area and homesteaded Ucon!
  • Sarah had 9 children and 5 of them died in infancy

George Albert Simmons and Sarah Jane Coles Simmons

Then we found their daughter and my great grandmother
Annie Jane Simmons Jones
She died shortly after my grandfather was born.  Her husband, Wilfred remarried but my grandpa was raised by his grandmother Sarah.  Wilfred is not buried by Annie, he is buried by the new wife in another town.
Annie Jane Simmons Jones

At this point in our "scavenger hunt", my parents showed up.  We hadn't planned it so it was fun.  My mom was able to take the kids around and tell them stories about everyone.

We followed them to the other cemeteries in the area that we have family in and we learned where the graves are and how we are related to all of them.  We even stopped at the grave of my best friend that died when I was about 8 years old. 

Here the kids are at Fielding Memorial playing with the cattail fluff.

by the pond

Covered in fluff


Family really is the most important thing.

Kittens are not snacks!

Katie's 7th grade teacher is perfect for 7th graders.  She is so patient and loving and really can see the potential in each kid.
We love her.
The last day of school every year she hosts a party for her whole class at her house.  She lives outside of town and has some land around her and has all kinds of animals at her house.
Their was a paint ball war, a delicous pot luck, and free kittens and bunnies....


That's right.  When I arrived to pick up Kate at the end of the party, the kids were all getting into their respective vehicles with baby bunnies or kittens.  Katie was standing their snuggling a sweet little kitty looking at me with big, hopeful eyes.

Of course I said no.

And of course Katie reminded me how long she has wanted a kitten and of how amazing her grades were  (side note- Katie had all A's and one B in Spanish.  Best ever for her.  We are so proud of her!)
and she reminded me how much Daddy has been wanting a little kitty just like this one.

So of course I told her let's try.

We would need to see how it would go with Goliath--
our lovably stupid, 180 lb., Alaskan Malamute/Rottweiler.
(He once attacked a cat that had the audacity to step off the fence into our backyard.  With Scott's intervention the cat got away with only a crooked tail.)
Kat Killer

We stopped at the store for some kitten chow and went home to show the gang. 
After much ooohing and aaahing (she was so cute), we decided to introduce her to the dog.
He was SO excited!!
He really wanted us to put her down.
I held her safely as he looked on. As I sat down on the couch, he ran over and tried to eat her.  You could hear his jaw chomp and I pulled her away just in time.  Her fur on her sweet little face was wet!!!

So of course we took her back to Mrs. Empey's house.
And of course Katie was devastated.

Heartbroken Katie and Gracie

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The end of another school year...

The last week of school is always such a fun week.  Busy, but fun.   Every year, May has become SO busy with baseball, tee-ball, softball, recitals, programs, rehearsals, and everything else going on that by the end of the month we really think school is just getting in the way.
Always such a relief to be done.

At our school, the kids spend the whole last quarter earning "Scholar Dollars" to spend at the "Fun Fair".  They put together a Carnival for the kids to reward them for all their hard work.   If they earn enough "money" they can buy an all day wrist band.  If not, they just buy tickets to use at each booth.

They always love it.  We LOVE our school.
Scotty and I usually do a booth.  It is so fun, we have done things like water balloon launcher, alka seltzer rockets, and one year solo I helped in the crazy hair booth.

This year, we had a minute to win it game.

Egg Roll

The kid would pick a plastic Easter Egg filled with candy (by the way, what a genius way to save big-  Easter candy is so cheap on clearance the day after!) and had to roll it with his/her nose from on line to another and back in one minute.
It made for some hilarious moments.
And that section of the gym floor was probably the cleanest section in the whole gym.
Girls with long hair were basically dry mopping the floor.

Here are some of the pics I caught with my phone.

Bekah scooting along

Liv giving it a try

It was funny to watch all the different ways kids would go about it. The "army crawl" seemed more effective than the bum in the air method.

The 7th graders weren't really a part of the fun fair, but they came by anyway.
Here is a shot of Kate racing her buddy Logan.
Can you see who is winning??

Katie WAY behind

More 7th grade racers

Also the last week of school, Liv had her Kindergarten Program.
She was adorable, recited her part perfectly, sang boisterously, and smiled sweetly.

It was just strange that it was the last time.

She is going to LOVE 1st grade!
Our LAST kindergarten graduate. 

Rebekah's music teacher held an Open House where we got to see a typical music class with some songs being performed.
She was adorable and the whole class sang great.
Unfortunately, this is the only picture I got.
And it stinks.
Rebekah Yeager

The last day of school was a 1/2 day. Katie got to go to a party with her whole class at her teacher's house. (I know, brave teacher!)     After school we took the other three to  Chik-Fil-A and the zoo for some school's out celebration.

All our kids brought home AWESOME report cards!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It was Shakespeare, and we LOVED it!

At our school, the 7th grade class always ends the year with a Shakespeare play.  It ties in with their whole medieval theme for the year.

(I know, so weird that Katie is old enough to be in a 7th grade play, right?)

Anyway, this year they put on A Midsummer Night's Dream.

Katie was a light fairy named Peas Blossom.

She was SO beautiful, it took my breath away.
I know, I am her mom and therefore biased, but I think it is just a fact.
The girl is gorgeous.

Oh, she performed well too!
She delivered her lines in a darling little fairy voice and did some singing with the other fairies.

The whole class did awesome.
I loved how their personalities came out with each part.  We were laughing. A lot.  And they understood what they were saying so well, that we could understand too!  It was not at all painful to watch :)

Here are some pics:

Katie, or Peas Blossom- mid play
After opening night

Peas Blossom with Peter Quince and Oberon, Lord of the Fairies

Katie and Abbi-  BFFS :)

Really, Really CLOSE BFFS :)

Katie Bedazzled her face!!

We love this cute fairy girl

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Birthday SPArty!

Bekah turned 9!!
This was a friend party year.
The year she has been waiting for.
It was a SPARTY!
She is a sweet little girl and didn't want to leave anyone out.
She ended up inviting 24 girls.
Luckily, we got half.
Which makes 13 girls to pamper for a fun party.
Her birthday fell on a Saturday and we had the party Friday night.
Girls came in PJs slippers and robes.

Liv helped set up but then had to leave with Daddy and Jack- she will be big enough to spa when it is her turn!
We served Spa Water-
simply water, ice, and layers of fresh strawberries and pineapple.
So yummy and healthy too!
Birthday Bekah

I found the cutest spa party cheese ball here
It was MUCH easier than I thought it would be.
Here is how mine turned out...
Our cheese ball lady pre mask

Lips are crooked but she was a hit- easy, delicious and so cute!!

Overall, we tried to keep the food healthy and spa like- (with the exception of the cheese head and Rebekah's favorite potato chips)
We had carrots, peppers, cucumbers and ranch, turkey tomato bobs, and my mom brought tiny peanut butter sandwiches, and strawberry cream cheese with strawberries on french baguettes-like a bruschetta.

Turkey and tomato bobs

We had the house all set up for some serious spa pampering.
Bekah and Liv separated all the nail polishes into color categories :)

The gift bag boutique

Yeager ladies getting last minute things together

The girls arrived and we got everyone excited about shopping in the boutique (aka filling up their own gift bags!)
Bekah's girls. She had a good mix of neighborhood/church and school friends

They loved shopping for everything they would need in the spa.
filling the bags

Ready to go

Once they were all done "shopping", we had them all put on their headbands to keep their hair out of their cute faces for facials!
Birthday cutie

We started with exfoliating face wash wipes.

Once their sweet little faces were squeaky clean, we applied some green face mask to each girl and laid cucumbers on their eyes.

Some took this very seriously.
They held still and seemed to take relaxing like a school assignment.

Others, found it very silly and couldn't seem to stop giggling long enough to let the cucumbers stay on their eyes :)
So fun!

Then came the fun of getting the mask off.
More face wipes, working in pairs.

Of course, there is no way I would ever attempt this by myself.
I had some of my favorite people there to help.
They made it so fun!
Thanks, ladies!
My Mama and me

Spa attendants -minus my Camille who was so sweet to take pictures :)

After facials, the girls were put into groups and then sent to different stations.
They used sugar scrub- so easy to make. I found the recipe here.
Once their hands were oh-so-soft, they got to have their fingernails painted.

My angelic neighbor-great with child, and still willing to paint little fingernails! Love her!

They also got to soak their feet in some warm water and bath salts. (Also easy to make. Half Epsom salts and sea salt, some lavender oil, baking soda and a little food coloring.) I bought a huge pack of these baking pans at Sam's Club.
My friend Gina was super to keep this station moving- dumping water and bringing in fresh water and pans. Also just keeping the towels protecting my floor! She is awesome.
Some of the chaos

My little Bekah- hope she had fun!

They also got their little piggies painted :)
Bekah's finished toes

Her cake was a fruit pizza. So.Yum.
For that, I used my favorite sugar cookie bar recipe for the crust.
You can find it here.
For the sauce, I used this recipe here.


It was a crazy fun party!
Her cousin stayed the night and the next morning was her official real birthday.
For her birthday breakfast, she chose to go the traditional route.
Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Buttermilk Syrup, Whipped Cream and Sliced Strawberries. Oh, and Bacon too :)
So delicious.
We just love reasons to celebrate!
No better reason than Rebekah. She is such an easy person to adore. She is sweet, she is kind, she is funny, she is silly, and so so so easy to get along with!
Breakfast time with her cousin
Here she is in her new outfit she got for her birthday!

We went to see the movie The Pirates! Band of Misfits on her birthday afternoon.

That evening we had a little family BBQ at home and then went to see Katie's play- opening night of A Midsummer Nights Dream.

We are so in love with our sweet little Bekah Mae. She is one of the best things to ever happen to us!
Happy Birthday Beautiful!