Friday, May 25, 2012

We would totally keep these kids....

. . . if only their pesky parents didn't want to keep them too!!

Our good friends that watched our kiddos while we got away in March got away in May. 
And we got to play with their super cute kids!

We had a blast.
I really hope they did.
I was pretty upset when their parents actually had the nerve to come try to get them back when they got home!!
Rude. :0)

It worked out that we got them during a super busy school week in May. 
Jack had THREE baseball games.
Bekah had TWO softball practices.
A (one of theirs) had a dance recital.
Jack and I had scouts.
Katie had play rehearsals every day.

So, I am sure they slept for days when they got home.  We didn't slow down for a minute.
They were such great sports about all the rushing around from one thing to the next.

We even tried to fit in some fun.  We wanted them to like being with the Yeagers!!

One day when we had a free hour, we took everyone but Kate- who was at play rehearsal- to the zoo.  We rushed them through and saw little.  But we had fun and the otters were in rare form.

That night, we thought it would be fun to go to Chik-fil-A because it was Family Fun Night. 
You know- face painting, visits from the cow, free dessert spinner game.  Good times, right?


You see, when this friendly bovine walked in,   M FREAKED out. 

Terrifying, huh?

Poor little guy couldn't help it.  He was scared out of his mind, clinging to me for dear life.

The cow slowly backed away hoofs in the air as if to prove he is just an unarmed innocent.

We never saw him again.

The other kids were a little disappointed that they didn't get to hang with the cow more.
Ha ha, oh well!
Here are some pics of all the fun and cuteness.
Cute brothers -  they wanted to get in there to play!!  Promise.

Goat Stylists.

So. Stinking. Cute.

They loved those goats

I was lucky enough to be serenaded with beautiful music

Oh yes, we also had an adventure at the park :)

See, it is a good thing we still have our red wagon :)


Buttercup, the goat going for better leaves


Mother's Day was right around the corner, so I really did try to get some great pics of these kids to make their mama something for Mom Day but...  it just didn't work out.
I tried, Amber.  I tried :)

Sleepy little guy

This kid was near perfect.
Kids making up their own poses--- interesting!

M loved his Katie Boo

This is how we were in the car.

The boy row.

The girl row.
P posing right in the bushes :)
Loves to say "cheese!"
What a great kid-  she is amazing!
All dolled up for the dance recital

So adorable
With her fans :)

Anyway, we loved having the extra fun. 
Their parents will be in huge trouble if we don't get to have them for a week when there is no school or busy stuff so we can play!

Thanks for loaning us your kids, Amber!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pouty Lip Liv

Love them, but they can give you a fat lip.

Liv had a little knee to the face action on the tramp and didn't love that her lip was bigger than it was supposed to be.

In other news, Jack is in baseball full swing and is loving it.  They have won both the first two games! 

Olivia will be on the WILDTHINGS for Tee ball again and Rebekah has decided to give softball a try!  Bekah hasn't played since tee-ball at age 5, so we will see how it goes but she is excited.

So it will be busy around here the next month or so!

If you can't find us, we will be at the ball park!

Squishy Mud

This spring has brought out a new interest for Olivia.


She has never really cared too much for being dirty, but for some reason; (maybe a book she read or something) she loves mud.

On a record temperature day, she put on her swimsuit and made a little mud hole.

It does feel good squishing between the toes :)

We love this little mud muffin

Citizen Kate

Katie was Citizen of the Month for April!

At her school, this is no small accomplishment.  She has been working so hard and has improved in so many areas.
We were so excited to attend the assembly.

At the assembly, they announced that the students had read over 100,000 minutes in only two weeks.
The principal had promised that if they reached their goal, there would be a surprise. 
The class with the most minutes read (Katie's class) got to spray whipped cream onto the Principal's head.  They loved it. 
What a good sport!

All the citizens of the month (1st -8th grade) got to go with the principal to lunch the next Monday.

We are so proud of you Katie!!
Keep up the hard work!


Easter 2012
One night before Easter, we took the family to the Idaho Falls Temple Visitor Center.
We love that place.
We watched two films
Finding Faith in Christ
another I can't remember the name of but it was about families and made me cry.  The oldest daughter had red hair and ended with her wedding.
It was a feel good night for our family and helped us be ready for Easter.

Me and my kiddos

We dyed Easter eggs

Easter morning, the kids dug into the baskets and found some eggs.

Olivia looked in her basket and said, "hmmm....  The Easter Bunny must know I am trying to be healthy because there isn't a lot of candy in here!"

(I thought there was plenty- but she proved me wrong when she was able to down it all in no time at all!)

I love this pic of all three girls blowing bubbles together

A little photo shoot in the Easter duds...

I think this is the first picture that I have seen that really shows I am not taller than all my kids anymore.   It was a little shocking!