Sunday, April 29, 2012

Katie's Renaissance Festival

Katie's class has the most fun!


We have a little apple tree that gave us a ton of apples last fall.  We are enjoying the delicious apple sauce and yummy apple pie filling we canned!
The kids all helped.  It was a crazy fun night.

Crazy Hair Day 2011

Hooray for Halloween

Halloween 2011.
We did the usual Trunk or Treat, Trick-or-Treating, Candy Eating, Pumpkin Carving, Spooky Movie Watching, Fun Food Eating.
It was good times.

Here are the kiddos.

Katie was a beautiful purple sparkly fairy lady

Banana Jack

Vampiress Bekah

Olivia the cute little witch

The whole spooky bunch. . .

This year, Katie, her awesome dad, and two of her friends went to Dr. Slaughters House of Horror.  She loved it and wants it to be a new tradition.  It's a good thing she has her dad, because I would never, ever do that.  I am a wimp.

Katie and her gal pals

Suprise Party

My dad turned the big 7-0 this year.  We decided to give him a surprise party he would never forget.  It was all my sister Angel's idea.  She lives in Tennessee and flew herself and her five kids in.  We managed it so that dad had NO idea.  My other sister talked him into going to Cafe Rio for lunch with her.  In walked Angel and her kids.  He was so happy! 
We had the best weekend.  We went out for pizza.  We went bowling.  We went to Leo's place.  We sledded the sand dunes and ate s'mores.  We ate lots of yummy food and went to church all together.
He loved every minute of it.  Our dad is happiest when he is surrounded by his family. 
We had 2 brothers and sisters-in-law who couldn't make it.  If they had been here it would have been perfect.
Here are some of the pics of all our crazy fun.
Our Tennessee cousins brought in Tennessee Volunteer shirts for all the cousins out here, so we had to get them matching Boise State shirts! :)  Makes for some fun color in the pictures!

{Grandpa and all his grandchildren!}

{Most of the grand kids}

{all the grandsons!}

Girls at bowling alley

{bowling fun}


{my brother}




{Fun at Leos}

{Sara head first on the dune}


{Hudson riding the sand}


The Whole Fam after church

It was so good to see everyone and to make Grandpa's year.  We love him and are so blessed to be in his family!

Yeager and Hobbs

We had an early snowstorm this October.  The kids rushed out to play. 
And built a snowman.

 Apparently, we read too much Calvin and Hobbes here.
If you can't tell, all that is visible of one snowman is his head... because the other snowman is burying him.
Murderous snowman

11 in 2011!

{Football Love}
The boy turned 11 in 2011.
We love this kid so much it's crazy.  He is such a good brother to his sisters, such a buddy for his dad, and one of my favorite side kicks!

It was his year for a family party too.  Low key. Sounds good to me!

{Looking over his new baseball cards}

{who doesn't love BIG LEAGUE CHEW??

{ Funny face on his birthday breakfast shot}

{Lots of candles!}

{Happy Birthday!}

Jack is an amazing kid.  We are so lucky to know him.  We love him so much!

Olivia turned SIX

Olivia turned SIX on September 2nd!
We can't believe how fast it has gone.  We are SO very happy and blessed to have Olivia be a part of our family.
It was her "family party" year.  Which was fine with me because I really wasn't feeling well.

{here she is with her yummy  chocolate chip pancake with whipped cream and strawberries breakfast!}

She is a little obsessed with "Barbie" movies.  She has quite a collection!

{A little excited about blowing out those candles!}

{Giving us the "birthday gun show"}

{Her new birthday dress}

{a birthday kiss from liv}

{this was the ONLY cake she wanted and wouldn't be talked out of it.  So excited}

{Lovey Monkey the Webkin from Bekah}

{all our kids are a little "nuts" about nutella!}

We love you Olivia!  You are such a fun, positive happy kid!  You make every day a better day!

Milo Scott Yeager

I am just posting this for myself.  I don't feel like I can post last summer/fall without including it. 
We had a surprise pregnancy.  We found out we were pregnant at the beginning of August.  Due March 29th 2012.  We had Olivia wear that shirt to announce it to my parents.  We were so excited.  The kids were beside themselves.  None of us could wait to meet our baby.
The ultrasound showed a healthy baby.
I was sick, but compared to my other pregnancies, it was a breeze.  I hardly threw up at all.  Just nauseous.  I could handle that.

On September 13th I went to the Dr. for an emergency ultrasound due to spotting.
Baby had no heartbeat. 
It was horrible, heartbreaking and awful.
I didn't think I could handle it.

I tried to miscarriage naturally but on September 29th (over 2 weeks later) in the late evening, I passed our baby and began to hemorrhage.  Scotty finally decided I needed to go the ER in the middle of the night. I was loosing consciousness and way too much blood. 
After an emergency D&C and a night in the hospital I was sent home.
We buried our baby under a new evergreen tree we bought on the side of our house. 
It is still hard.  Almost everyone that was pregnant the same time as I was has had their babies.

Heavenly Father always has a reason.  And I know He loves our family and that it will work out for the best.  But we really would have loved to have our baby be with us now.
He would have been the most loved baby ever.

Back to School. . . Back in 2011

Back to school 2011 was a big one for the Yeagers.  Because it was our first year that ALL FOUR KIDS would get dropped off at once! 
Olivia started Kindergarten!

It was weird leaving the school with NO kids. 

Olivia was ready to start school.  She had been for the last 2-3 years.  Because her birthday is September 2nd, she missed the deadline by 2 days and had to wait to start school.  She is also taller than the average kid. . .

{here she is looking like she is in the wrong grade :)}

{So excited to be at school!  With her light up Twinkle Toes :)}
 Olivia was the ONLY kid not too cool for pictures at school.  How is this going so fast??
They used to love pictures with their teacher and friends in front of the school...

{they did let me take one in front of the house}

Bear World, Yellowstone Park, Jackson Hole Get-Away

Right before school was about to start this August, Scott was also about to leave to work in North Dakota in the oil fields.  We felt really good about it.  In fact we KNEW that is what God wanted us to do.  We spent a lot of time and money getting him ready to leave.  We really didn't want to be apart.  We are kind of attached as a family.  We decided that we needed a little family get-a-way before the craziness began. 

We stopped at Yellowstone Bear World on our way to Yellowstone National Park.  See, this way, no matter what the animals in the park were up to, we would be guaranteed a few animal spottings :) It had been a long time since we had been so we were excited.  The animals were in rare form. 
Not really, and the kids weren't too excited to see them. 
Scott and I enjoyed them the most. 

 They weren't even that thrilled with the petting zoo.  They pet all the animals and fed them.  It just didn't seem like they loved it like they used to.  Are they getting to big for petting zoos?? 

{Dad and kiddos Bear World}


{Me and the kiddos}

 They did enjoy the silly rides tremendously.  Especially Liv.  She could have just ridden them over and over and over and over again all day.

{Can you see Liv's worried little face?  Still such a wimp on rides!}

{I love this picture of our "bears"}

When we were done at Bear World we headed up to West Yellowstone MT.  We found a hotel and let the kids swim.  They love it.  Can't get enough.  Then we went to our hotel room and ordered pizza and a movie.  So fun!

The next day we drove through Yellowstone and Jackson. 
It was a fantastic day spent together as a family. 
So glad we went.