Monday, May 9, 2011

Living the Dream....

Ever since I can remember, all I have wanted was to be a mom.

My mom tells me it goes even before I can remember -that I loved on baby dolls at just 3 months old.

As a teenager, I would have paid people to let me babysit their kids.

I am just like that.

So I am so, so, so, so, happy and blessed to be a mama!

I can't believe how much I love my kids and how grateful I am to have them. I can't believe how fast it is flying by. They are amazing and I can't believe I get to be their mom.

And it just keeps going!

Karina's little Parker is going to be one next month and he is just such an amazing kid!

We ADORE him.-

Mother's Day is my favorite.

It is a whole day about my favorite thing. Being a mom.

I wake up to breakfast in bed- this year I ate a ton of bacon. Yum.

Scott dotes on me and so do my kids.

I get cards with my kids sweet words on them.

And food.

The food is always so delicious!!

This year it was Sish-Kabobs!

So here are some of my mother's day joys here.

Funny thing, I took pictures of Olivia's preschool card and cookies with my phone and somehow they are permanently upside down! I have rotated them. Still upside down. Rotated again. Still upside down. So, just turn your computer upside down or stand on your head :)

She is always saying things like this to me- she is incredible!

Kambria went above and beyond with preschool that day!

The cookies were delicious!

Rebekah gave me a coupon book and she is dying for me to start cashing them in!
So am I!

Karina got me this cake.


I ate it for lunch :) {she also got me flowers! what a great kid:)}

Random Recent Events

Here are some random pictures from our recent past.

I will try harder here forward to keep up with our family blog.

I really like to have all the craziness documented; it is just going so fast.

{bekah at a ball game trying NOT to show her Nanny McPhee tooth}

{Olivia LOVES her brother. The other day, she jumped into the suburban next to him and said, "Hi Jack, sweet love!"

{I am afraid Rebekah got the super cheese from me. If you happen to see my childhood photos, this is the only smile you will see. }

It happened.

Katie is old enough to want to hang at the mall with her friends.
I remember being that age and thinking that was what I was "supposed" to do.
I tried it once or twice.
I hated it. I am just allergic to shopping.
So, you can understand how selfless it was for us to take the girls and their pals to the mall for some shopping "fun".

{katie and her friend sporting the colored hair clip things}

{bekah and her buddy got some fake nails- but they hadn't been attached in this pic yet}

One day I opened up my pantry, jumped, and then burst out laughing.

Because this is what I found:

Apparently Bekah needed a snack and some alone time??

This kid is just too much fun.

{silly girl}

Z is for ZOO.

We were on the letter Z, so of course we needed a field trip to the zoo!

Here are the cute little preschoolers at the zoo on an almost decent spring day.

{cute kiddos}

{our littlest chick. she is getting big so fast.}

Here is another tooth loss picture of Bekah.

This was before Nanny McPhee and her first tooth the dentist didn't have to yank.

{cute kid}

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baseball Begins....

Here are some pics of the beginning of Jack's baseball season.

It's been interesting- we'll just leave it at that.

Some pics of Mesquite from the Eater tournament, some of his darling fans and of course, baseball boy, himself.

{the drive was worth it- the weather was beautiful. Bekah found an amazing "baby" carrot. :)}

{a pile of Yeager girls}

It was such a nice break away from cold. We really enjoyed the summer like weather.

{we got in late at night, but here they are first thing the next morning :)}

{here are the girls resting in the van at another tournament- in Utah, not as warm}

Baseball Boy


{mid- pitch}

{gotta love getting slide stains out :)}

Well, we love watching this kid play- unfortunately he had a wicked stomach flu and missed games, and now the rain is pouring so he is just itching to get out there.

I'm sure there will be more baseball posts to follow.

And Tee ball.

Just wait for pictures of the Wildthings!!

Our tee ball kids are going to have an amazing season. They have grown so much since last year.

We can't wait.

And, hopefully, Olivia won't be breaking her arm this year :)

Easter 2011

This Easter was just different.

The week before was just CRAZY.

Scott had insane amounts of school work, we had colds, we had roadshow rehearsals, company stuff to do and needed to be in Mesquite NV for a baseball tournament that Thursday.

So, for FHE we did the eggs.

You CAN'T have Easter without colored eggs, can you?

We even had a friend over to help :)

Katie got really creative with her "distressed" egg.
Lots of steps resulted in this amazing egg.

They made 30 eggs.

And that's about it for Easter.

They didn't get new church duds, no Easter egg hunt and it was just fine.

The Easter Bunny did manage to find them in the hotel in Mesquite and chocolate bunnies were had.

Different, but good.

No More Nanny McPhee

Little Bekah is squeamish when it comes to blood.

When a tooth comes out there is blood.

Blood, and a little pain.

So, Little Bekah doesn't work too hard on her loose teeth to get them out.

The permanent teeth push and try from their end, but it is ridiculous how long we wait for her to get a tooth out. We have had to have the dentist pull them before.

Well, one of her top teeth really needed to come out.

The permanent tooth came in behind and pushed.

Only it pushed straight forward.

This resulted in a tooth that gave her a certain look.

A Nanny McPhee look.

Finally, one day all the kids were downstairs and I was upstairs. They were becoming a little exuberant and I could tell they were rough housing. A lot.

You know those moments when, as a parent you just know someone is going to take it too far and it will end in tears?

It was one of those moments.

I waited a hair too long (thankfully) and I heard a thud, an "OW!" and then, "I'm sorry I fell on your face are you okay?"

and then,


Well she found her tooth, overcame the blood- not too pale this time, and no longer looks like Nanny Mcphee!

{all gone!}

{she really didn't want these pictures out to the public....}

{someday she'll laugh, right??}

Since Christmas. . .

Let's see...

after Christmas the January Blahs set in. But they did take longer because this year was something new.

Scott went back to school.

Full time.

It was a big deal; it's been a long time since either one of us was in school.

So that took up some time and added some stress for sure.

We now have one full semester behind us.

Notice how I say "we".

It seems I am legally entitled to half of everything.

We had the usual family fun and the blues did come.

Winter seems endless here, like Narnia where it's always winter and never Christmas.

But, here are some of the few photos we did take over the last few months.

These pictures are in no particular order of time or importance. Just a general catch up today.

Karina had a birthday.

We missed hers because we were out of town for a baseball tournament.

So the next week we had a redo at our house.

I made a german chocolate cake - her favorite- it was yummy.

I think Olivia made her about 50 birthday cards. :)

Here's proof about our endless winter.

This picture is of our house on April 29th.

{spring? no.}

Rebekah had a music class performance. It was so fun. Her music teacher is fantastic.

I think we can easily say that Rebekah is the cutest kid in her class- hands down, bar none.

No bias even needed.

It is just a fact.

{these are from my phone, so a little fuzzy, but still.}

Here are more random pics.

{the "little girls" all matchy}

{I love the daddy he is.}


The kids each got something "Chicago Bears" for Christmas from Nana,

and it was perfect when the Bears were in the playoffs this year.

Sadly, that's all they were in, stupid Packers. :(

{Four Fantastic Fans}

{Sharing a listen to the ipod}

{Mr. Snowman-}

In March, we were so excited to have Uncle Benton, Aunt Lisa and their cute kids come stay for a weekend. Our sectional couch makes the best "cousins" bed. They had fun staying up late watching a movie together.

{the only two boy cousins this side of the Mississippi}