Sunday, March 20, 2011

It was the MOST wonderful time of the year...

This Christmas season was not too different from the last two years, unfortunately.
To review: 2008 Scott had back surgery
2009 Scott separated a rib
and for 2010-
he messed up his knee.
That is as technical as I can get with the description, because he really wouldn't go see a doctor.
It wasn't as bad as years past but when it came right down to the heart of the season, the busiest of all, he was down and unavailable.
I had to do most of the shopping, gift delivery, and snow shoveling alone.
Enough of the whining and on to the joy of the season.
There was some. :)
How can we not have holiday joy with four of the best kids on the planet??
They love the whole deal. Decorating the tree is always an adventure. We don't have a themed tree- in fact it is a tree most of you would be embarrassed to have in your homes. The kids decorate it and I really don't go in after them to "fix" it.
This year we put the tree in the basement. There is just more room down there and it really worked out better. Even if people who came by wondered about our lack of a tree...


{Bekah and Olivia- getting so big!!}

We also managed to squeeze in a drive through town to see the lights while listening to Christmas music, ate our weight in Christmas Goodies, watched countless Christmas Specials, and made some delicious potato pancakes for Hannakuh. :)
Each year we go over to Grandma and Grandpa Larsen's house for Christmas Eve Dinner, program and the opening of the first presents.




This next picture was one that just showed up in my camera. One the kids managed to take while I was either not looking or not at home.
I laughed out loud for quite a while.

Here are the kids plus some cousins on Christmas Eve- poor JC, being the only boy in town really stinks.

{Girly Cousins}
Each year we deliver some goodies or small gift to the people in our neighborhood.
This year we thought it was a good idea to make holiday coasters.
We made about 150 of them and still ran short.
So if you happen to live near us and didn't receive any, it might be that we ran out and couldn't stand the sight of them to make anymore!
They were tedious and we were all sick of the "coaster factory" our home had become.
They did turn out so cute, though...
Santa made it to our house!

Christmas morning is so fun. They have it down pretty good now. They know not to even try to get us up until 7:00.

{All Jack really wanted was a pocket knife and Madden 11}

{Our Katie is growing up fast. She only wanted clothes and jewelry.}

{Bekah and Liv each wanted American Girl dolls. Santa understands that those are a little out of our price range, so he brought Our Generation dolls- Target's version. Rebekah was really great about it. She loves her red headed, freckle faced doll, Eva.}

{Liv got a blondie with green eyes. Her name is Jenny and Olivia has really enjoyed her.}

{Karina's hubby had to work out of town for Christmas too! So of course, we convinced Karina that she and Parker should stay for Christmas. We were so excited to have Parker's first Christmas at our house. He is so much fun and really loved all the wrapping paper and bows.}

{Olivia and Jenny in their matching purple velour sweatsuits :)}

{Bekah and Eva got the suits too :)}

{ Olivia loves her "Sammy Bear" she got from her grandparents}

{Grandma and Grandpa gave Olivia the Barbie Cruise Ship. She LOVES it}

{Here's the girls relaxing after a swim on the fabulous cruise boat. I have to admit, I am a little jealous. A cruise sounds really nice. Even if it is just on the kitchen table.}
We had a fun Christmas Season. We are blessed well beyond what we deserve.
We loved time with each other, hot cocoa, fun movies, games and visiting with family.
For New Year's, Grandma and Grandpa had the kids over for a sleepover and we got to enjoy a relaxing Anniversary alone. We went out to dinner, watched a movie, and played some fun games. We have been married for twelve long, hard years now! Just kidding, it seems like it was just yesterday we found each other. We are so glad Chalene insisted on DEATH BY CHOCOLATE! We are still attached at the hip, spending every second together we can and we can still talk the sun up. Love you Scotty!


So, November wasn't that recent. I am aware.
However, we must recap the past four months' activities for the Yeager Family.
This was a hard winter for me.
As my old friend Anne Shirley would say, I have been in the "depths of despair". I honestly didn't take many pictures at all. Watch out though. This spring is going to be different.
Things are looking up. I have solved some medical mysteries and I am feeling much more myself. SO I am determined not to let our memories go. I love having our family story written here and now I am actually up for the task.
This year, a few days before Turkey Day, Karina called so sick with the flu, she needed some help getting to the Dr. Her hubby was working out of town and so we got to keep her and Parker for most of the week. We moved her into our guest room and Parker into our room and, as sorry as we were that she was so sick, we loved every minute of loving on Parker.
We've tried to tell her that she doesn't have to be so sick to come visit.
Really. Anytime, come on by. We love you no matter what. :)
In spite of her sickness we had a great Thanksgiving.
We had family in town that we just love.
We went to see Tangled. We love that movie.
We celebrated Aunt Tyree's birthday with a huge table at Carino's.
And of course everybody but the Yeagers did the Black Friday. Thanks for doing that so we don't have to!!
He is getting so big now, but this is how adorable he was that week.

{Sweet baby Parker}

{And here we have a random picture of Bekah in that same time period. We just love her.}

{This kid has the best smile!}

We got some good snow this year.
Here are some pics of that kind of fun.

{Liv loves riding with Dad.}

{Some kids and a dog. Goliath LOVES winter- might have something to do with being part sled dog. We just need to get him a harness and he can pull the kids around all winter!!}