Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thing ONE!

Still catching up on our blog. I really don't want to give up, so I will try again! Still in June...
Little Parker turned ONE this summer!
His cute Mamma put in a TON of time and effort into his first big birthday bash.
He had an amazing Dr. Seuss themed party and he was just adorable.
He REALLY got into the cake.
There was a face painter and a bounce house.
I was having camera issues so these are all the pics I was able to get.

{yes there were green eggs and ham}

The party was amazing, despite a thunderstorm that rolled through.
Parker is always adorable.
We love that kid and can't believe how big he is!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why not add FOUR more?!?

We were planning a family camping trip to Shoshone Falls and thought, why not let the kids bring friends?

We have a family that we are friends with through school that pretty much have a kid each of our kids' ages so they seemed the perfect candidates.
So one Friday in June, we loaded everyone up and off we went.

We camped at Nat-Soo-Pah Hot Springs. It is actually quite far away. And we weren't sure where we were going to camp so we had stopped at a few before we got there. There is a surprisingly small amount of good campgrounds near Shoshone Falls.

So it was mid afternoon when we pulled in. By the time we set up camp, fed the crew and explored the campground it was quite late in the afternoon.

The campground has a fabulous hot spring pool.

But, with it being so close to dinner and other fun, we decided not to let the kids swim there. Mean, huh? Well it would have been over $50 for our crew and it was only going to be for a little bit of time. So, we made a decision. No pool.

The campground does have a natural hot spring creek thing running through it and we let the kids have free range of that.

{how sad, not much water, but it was warm and they had fun}

{Jack opted not to get in his trunks because he was sure it wasn't enough water. He was cold later.}

{there was a spot where it was a little deeper}

{they had fun with the squirt guns anyway}

We had fun that night roasting hot dogs and s'mores.

The campground has a big open field and the kids had lots of fun playing tag and just running around.

When it got dark, we broke out the glow in the dark stuff.

It was hilarious watching the boys play. It was super dark. You could only see the glow sticks they were throwing at each other. They were trying to run and throw them at the other boys and hit them with the glow stick. So you would hear a kid running and then a "ow! you got me! Not so close!" then more running and you'd see another glow stick flying.

Good times.

The girls went in the trailer and used their glow sticks to decorate. :)

{the next morning at breakfast}

{other end of the table}

{cute bekah}

{the falls}

{all 8 kids lined up in order of age}

The highlight of the trip was when Jack found the coolest LIZARD.

I didn't even know we had those here!

They named him Blueberry and begged to bring him home!


{and this is why his name is Blueberry!}

{proud Jack}

{everyone loved him}

{more falls}

{I loved the rainbow}

{Olivia wanted me to take her picture}

{more falls}

{this is what I got to sit by all the way home. I know, I am blessed.}

Prepare the Dungeon!

She is just growing up too fast and I swear she gets more gorgeous each day.

We will soon need to just hide her in the dungeon!!

Our little Katie Boo turned 12 on June 15th.

Seems unreal that she can be that big.

She wears bigger shoes than her mom already- she wears a size 9 in women's shoes!!

She is almost as tall as her mom.

It is just a bit much to take.

It is a good thing she is just so awesome.

We just adore this kid. She keeps us laughing, keeps us in awe of her tender heart and consideration that she has for others, and keeps us in wonder at how we can just keep loving her more and more.

Lately, I have been calling her VICE MOM.

She has been my right hand this summer when I really needed her.

Her birthday was going to land during GIRLS' CAMP- so we had her party the Friday before.

She invited all girls and went with a

"GLOW- IN -THE- DARK" theme.

{she has been getting a lot of attention for looking so "grown up" and it embarrasses her to no end!!}

{the girls getting the glow stuff all ready :)}

{there was a bunch of girls- they had a great time and I LOVED that they included Bekah and Liv so sweetly!}

{hanging out on the tramp together listening to music}

{present time}

{we just put glow-in-the-dark bracelets around the cupcakes}

{make a wish}

Here she is ready to head out to girls' camp.

I promise she was excited to go. She was just SO EMBARRASSED that her mom would DARE take a picture!!

Her Dad spent the first night up at camp and then got to spend her Birthday with her as a guide for the hike. We hear it was a little speedy. :) I was glad he could be there with her. It was REALLY weird not to be with my kid on her birthday.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bummer Summer for Baseball....

This summer just hasn't been Jack's best.

Especially for his baseball season.

On June 9th, he tagged a kid out at 3rd. The kid and his mitt hand kind of jammed together.


It immediately swelled and bruised and bruised and swelled some more.

Scott's broken his hands enough, he decided the best thing to do was to ice and wrap with an ace bandage and give it 5-6 weeks to heal.

So, our schedule was less crazy, but he's really missed playing.

And we've really missed watching him play.

He missed the end of regular season, the city tournament and ALL of all stars!

In fact, the tournament is this weekend in BOISE and he is really bummed.

He can't do a lot of his favorite things.

Overall, he's had a great attitude about it and finds other ways to have fun, but every once in a while, I see it.

He just wants it to be over and have his hand back.

Poor kid.

{after one of his games "pre-accident" with parker}

{you can kind of see some swelling here}

{poor little guy}

It's almost better now. Hopefully he'll be 100% soon.

FOOTBALL starts August 1st!

Sunday, July 10, 2011


All I am going to say is....

We have WAY too much fun!

Joyful Day

Rebekah counted down until she could finally be baptized for SO LONG.

I've never seen a kid so excited to be baptized!

She prepared well- she read several books about baptism and wrote a lot about it in her journal.

June 4th was her special day.

She wanted a simple white summer dress. I asked her if she was sure.

I said, "are you sure you don't want one of those mini wedding dresses?"

She said, "mom. seriously, I am not getting married!"

so she looks adorable in her white eyelet dress.

Her Aunt Tyree made her a bracelet and headband and a flower for her dress and bought her a cute sweater.

We think she's gorgeous.

{Saturday morning, ready to head to the church}

{she wanted her hair in a bun- one of her favorites}

{bekah's special day was doubly special as her cousin emma was baptized too!}

{me n my girl-

funny enough there were several cute little red headed girls getting baptized that day}

{daddy/daughter all in white}

I just have to say- I am so grateful for Scotty! Seeing him all in white took me back to his baptism day. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

He is a great daddy with amazing faith in God.

{so excited}

Afterward, we took some time for some photos. Karina had to run to the bank or some such nonsense so she isn't in these. Bummer.

Here are a couple of my favorites

{baptism buddies}

{these two have a special bond}

{charlie's angels pose?}

{beautiful girl}

{special day}

{love this picture of bekah and her grandma}

{the reds}

{the family we were so lucky to have join us on Bekah's special day}

{camille and her family came- LOVE them}

{picture of idaho falls temple from grandma and grandpa}

After the baptism, luncheon, cleanup and naptime were over, we were ready to party again.

We wanted to sled the sand dunes, but with the beer festival out there it was a little crowded.

Not the scene we were looking for on such a special day.

So, we all took off for Grandma and Grandpa's house.

They have a fire pit and playground behind their house, so we got to roast hot dogs, brats, and s'mores, and have some fun.

{scotty and parker}

{karina, scott and little parker}

{parker and the bekster]

{parker and karina- so glad they were a part of our day}

{she wanted braids before bed to she could have wavy hair for church!}

{ready for church to be introduced to the congregation as the newest official member!}