Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remember Halloween? Yeah, we did that too...

We really enjoyed our long beautiful fall. The fall weather this year was stunning. We were so grateful to not need snow boots and down coats for trick'or'treating. (I have many memories of those kinds of Halloweens when I was a kid...)
We had a fun Halloween. Olivia and I did the Trick or Treat at the library, which was not too impressive for Olivia anymore. The Friday before the kids' school put on an amazing carnival. It was craziness- the kind kids just LOVE.
Saturday was a fun Trunk'or'Treat and some old school door to door trick'or'treating.
It wasn't Katie's best Halloween. She was still gimpy with the kneecap dislocation and couldn't really keep up at the carnival and was sore and slow trick'or'treating and so called it good early. She is getting so big, she doesn't have much trick'or'treat time left!
Here's our crew...


{Little Red Riding Hood}

{Black Cat}

{White Bunny Rabbit}

{Group shot}

Part of the carnival at the school was a cake decorating contest/fundraiser/auction.
We bought a cake in the auction.
Every year we have a perfect place to take some spooky food. My parents throw a big Halloween themed dinner party. It's a super fun tradition that the kids look forward to every year. This year we were going to have the coolest cake to bring.
Then, the dinner party got canceled!
My parents were over scheduled and sick and it just wouldn't have worked.
So no one got to see our beautiful cake.
Don't worry, we took pictures.
See how cute?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Pumpkin Party

Our garden produced some fantastic pumpkins this year!

We had a fun family night designing and carving our pumpkins, and roasting some delicious seeds. I think they were our most delicious yet.

The kids are getting pretty good at this whole pumpkin thing.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

An Ex-"cell"-ent Project

So, one day Katie says to me, "Uh, Mom? Apparently, I have to do a science project about the cell."
Me: "Really? When is it due?"
Katie: "I don't know, but people are turning them in already..."
Me: "When was it assigned?"
Katie: "I don't know, but it needs to be a 3D model of a cell."
Oh, the joys of parenting.
She did find out what needed to be done and when it needed to be turned in. So, it was turned in on time and was what she needed. Sheesh.
We had fun making a 3D model of an animal cell.
Her teacher gave us a heads up that if she keeps it, she might be able to use it again in highschool! It will be nice to have one just ready to turn in when Katie realized it is due again :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hurricane Paula :)

Did you hear Hurricane Paula blew through town?
I am totally kidding. It is just kind of funny that during Scott's mom's visit to see us, there was in fact a hurricane named Paula- and that happens to be her name!
Grammy had not come to visit for 2 whole years, so it was exciting to have her come.
It probably wasn't her favorite visit. Rebekah was sick for the first several days she was here, I had a horrible cold, Katie's knee had dislocated just before she got here (should do another blog post just about that) and couldn't bend her knee or do much, and we were finishing up a house and were super busy.
But we are sure glad she came. The kids really needed to get some "Grammy Love"
She even gave Scott and I a couple of much needed days of alone time. We escaped to Lava Hot Springs. It was nice to be alone, well when Scott wasn't on the phone for work. But there were so many FLIES! In our room and out. It was a little gross.
We did make sure she got to get out and see some of the beauty of the west for at least one day.
We drove the loop, starting in Jackson.
We stopped at the park for a picnic and to let the kids stretch their legs. Except Katie. It was hard for her not to be able to move well.

{Motorcycle Mama- Olivia loved this springy toy}

{Bekah loved the rock wall}

{Happy Little Livvie}

{Had to force this cutie to smile for me. Oh, and she just got her new glasses!}

{Rebekah eating a red vine inside out}

Jenny's Lake. Such a pretty place.

{she was a good sport and limped right on down to the lake}

{we spent some time skipping rocks}

{Grammy, Me, and the kiddos}

{the whole gang- jack was not in a good photo shoot mood }

{Love this place}

{the weather was perfect}

{cute redheads}

{one of our great kids took this shot- it's hard not to cut off daddy's head!}

{three pretty yeager girls}

{out front of the general store at old faithful}

{little liv}

{she loves her daddy}

{gotta love the buffalo}

{we stopped for dinner on the way home in West Yellowstone}

{an actual smile from jack-even if he does have a mouth full of food}
Rebekah has decided that she is going to be a beautician when she gets big.
She practices on her sisters.
Where did she come from??

{she's got liv lookin' luscious!}
{eyes closed shot- so you can see the gorgeous lavender eye shadow}

{one last pic of Grammy with her grandkiddos at the SLC airport before she had to go}
We are so blessed to have a Grammy that loves these kids so much!
Thanks for coming to see us!
We miss you already!!