Sunday, October 10, 2010

Double Digit Boy

Jack Christopher Yeager is 10! Double Digits!
He had a marathon birthday celebration yesterday.
We started the day with his breakfast of choice: chocolate chip pancakes, buttermilk syrup, and whipped cream with cherries on top with bacon and sausages on the side. Yum.
Then, he got to open some presents from the family. He got some Lego's and a Lego's book and some Nerf weaponry. He was thrilled.
Then a brief trip to Sam's Club for Katie's Optical exam and some party supplies. (side note: she could hardly see a thing and her new glasses should be ready to pick up next Saturday- yes, it was one of my more proud parenting moments. )

Then, we were off to the park for his little party with his friends.
Here is the cake:

Here is the shelter.
He was lucky to have Grammy in town from Chicago for the festivities. Plus, his Grandma and Grandpa that live here in town were able to come to the park as well.

They played all kinds of football games and contests.

Make a wish, football boy!

The crew

Opening presents

While the boys were busy playing, the girls had a mini photo shoot.
Boy, do they like to pose.

{Lovely Livvie}

{Beautiful Bekah}

{Kissable Katie}

{Silly Sisters}

{The Boys}

{Grammy and her girls}
After we got home from the park, we grabbed gear for the dunes and away we went for party number 2. We invited more family and friends and had so much fun playing at the dunes again. We had a huge crowd and made fun memories.
We played until the sun went down, and then we huddled around the fire pit for warmth while the kids played with glow sticks.
We brought home dirty, tired kids, plus Jack's friend for a sleepover.
They were so tired, it was a quiet sleepover.
So tired, Olivia slept entirely through church today.
And we don't have church until 1:00 p.m.!

{here's a taste of how great it was. this is the recently retired principle of our kids' school with FIVE kids in our sled, plus an extra pushing all the way down. it was a blast}

{fire pit fun}

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sandy September Sledding

We went sledding last month.
We are loving the "Dune" at Sandy Downs.
It is closer than St. Anthony and there is enough sand.
I promise.
Even after all the sand we dumped out of our shoes, pockets, socks, and other unmentionable places. :)
We played with some super fun friends and we had so much fun. It really was the perfect night. The weather was ideal, the food was yummy and the sand dune was a blast. And, I might add, a mighty good workout. It was a treadmill of quicksand close to the top of the dune!
Here are some pictures of the sandy good times.

{our "big" sled-it goes fast if you pack enough people in!}

{these three girls had endless fun together}

{so did these three}

{it was so much fun watching them come down}

{the best action shot of the night}

{literally "plowing" through the sand}

{somebody likes s'mores...}

{Liv lovin' the good stuff}

{Jack had some "guys" around~always a treat for him.}

{bekah after some s'mores}

{sooo funny when his foot was stuck in the bucket}

{he thought the tassel right in his face was so funny. Isn't he so cute?}

{such. a. cute. kid.}
Anyway, it was a great night filled with great memories.
This is a tradition we plan to continue for sure!