Sunday, September 12, 2010

The baby can't be FIVE, can she??

Our baby, the 4th kid, the caboose, Olivia, turned 5 on September 2nd.
It is weird to not have a little one around anymore, and let's face it.
Olivia is a big kid.
I have been told that, she reminds me of it.
But, at the same time, she is becoming such a fun kid!! She was always fun, but her personality is developing, she is expressive and funny and very comfortable with who she is.
We love having her around.
To start off the birthday celebrations, Olivia asked for "donuts" for her special birthday breakfast. I groaned inside. I would rather start our day out with something a little healthier than deep fried sugar. So I asked her if she was sure she wanted to go out for donuts. She said, "Yeah, I like donuts. Can we have the salmon cream cheese on them?"
I said, "Are you sure you don't mean bagels?"
She laughed and said, "oh yeah, bagels and cream cheese!"
In her defense, they are both round with holes in the center. :)
She got to open her presents at breakfast before the kids left for school.

{she got the Polly Pocket set she had been wanting}

{it is so fun and her hair changes colors!}

{her birthday duds}

Her Grandma and Grandpa picked her up for a birthday lunch date. They took her out for lunch and she loved it. It is so fun to get your grandparents all to yourself!

This was Olivia's first "friend party". She did not want anyone to feel left out and wanted an Olivia the Pig birthday party. I was thinking dress up and asked her if it was a party just for girls. She said, "I have boyfriends too, Mom!"
So, we invited all the kids in her age group that live in our neighborhood. (I hope. If we left anyone out, we feel terrible and it was unintented)
I think we had about 18 kids come!
We had her party at a local park, so there were plenty of tables and room to play.

{party piggies downing pizza and apple juice- Olivia's request}

{the cake}
I forgot to add her smile!!!
Ugh. oh well, of course I didn't remember until every last piece was gone!

{happy birthday to you...}

{make a wish}

They ate pizza, then they played games like duck duck goose, only Katie had them change it to Oink, Oink, Pig and red light green light. They played on the playground equipment.
We had cake and ice cream, then it was time for presents!
She loved everything she got!

{liv and jo-partners in crime:)}

{everyone wanted to see}

I think she had a fabulous day. We are so blessed that she is our little caboose.
Life would be boring without her!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


The kids found a friend in their back yard. His name is Stretchy.
Funny enough, he is just a stupid snake.
THREE times, they were able to go outside and find this snake for some playtime!
One time, he didn't even need to be caught! Jack simply put his hand down and Stretchy just slithered right into Jack's gloved hands.
Silly Snake.
He was fun for a minute and required no care at all.
See ya later, Stretchy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gonna be a football hero....

Jack is playing his first year of GRID KID FOOTBALL!
There was much excitement. Especially when he got his pads.
He said, "I can't wait to hit somebody!"
And yet, it is really nice that he has an outlet to let out all his aggressions, frustrations, and pent up energy.
But still, moms worry.

He is having a blast and is doing quite well. He has been playing NOSE GUARD, DEFENSIVE END, and OFFENSIVE TACKLE.
He played iron man at the 2nd game, he is loving the tackling!

{gotta love seeing that name on a jersey}

{beautiful weather the first game}

{Go number 53!!}
Well the team has lost both of their first games, but Jack has played amazing.
After the first game we just had to celebrate.
We told him to play 212% and we would take him out to dinner. We couldn't have asked for more, he played hard.
So, he chose Texas Roadhouse.
{Liv, Jack, and Scotty}

{Mykee, Katie, and Bekah}

{Liv, and her hero~her big brother Jack (she wants to be a cheerleader at his games)}

Back to School 2010

We started school on August 18th.
It felt like summer was just getting under way. The last day of summer vacation, we went to Ross Park and soaked up the sun. Jack had football practice that night and it just didn't seem like we would really be off to school in the morning.
But we were.
Rebekah was our most excited kid.
Jack and Katie waited until that morning to have a bit of anticipation to see their friends again.
All of them are now officially too cool to have their picture taken anywhere near the school grounds.

{on the way to school}

We thought she might be lonely and bored with the crew going back to school, but that first morning when I woke them up, she looked up at me and smiled. She said, "I think it's going to be the Three Musketeers today! Just me, you, and Dad!"
She is eating the attention up.

Rebekah is a big 2nd Grader now!
She is adorable, loves going to school, doing her homework, reading her books, and playing with her friends.

Jack is in 4th grade already!
He is enjoying being back in school where he can play with all his friends all recess long.
He brings his football in his back pack every day.
He will be soaking up the Idaho History this year!

Katie is in 6th grade this year and is officially going by Katelyn.
She is still Katie Boo still at home and doesn't really like it when we call her that in public.
Anyway she was least thrilled about getting back into school. It is real work for her now.
We hope she has a good year.
We love this kid like you wouldn't believe.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Boys and Girls of Summer..

Summer 2010 was a fun baseball/teeball filled summer.
My friend Amber and I teamed up to coach a 4/5 year old tee-ball team. We tie-dyed their shirts and called them THE WILD THINGS! They were so much fun. It was a blast. Other than Olivia breaking her arm just as she was getting the "swing" of hitting, it was a great season. By the end of the season there was:
less tackling for the ball,
more kids understanding what bases to run to next and when,
and moms that had fun having an excuse to see each other more often!

Scott got roped into coaching Jack's baseball team with Joe. They were lucky to have him, and I'm not just saying that. They were undefeated (one tie) the whole season and didn't lose post season until the division championship game! The pitching definitely had a lot to do with that.
Speaking of pitching, Jack had his first year being a pitcher!
And can I just say how amazing that kid is??
He loved being on the mound, and had a great season.
We couldn't have done it without him. :)

{aren't they just bad to the bone? hee hee}
Most of the people in this picture have mouths FILLED with seeds.
It was also the summer of seeds.
Our little girls are now quite good at spitting.
Not sure how we feel about that....
I just scanned these pics in, and clearly, I need to learn a little about that.

After an amazing win (we actually had "slaughter rule" and ended the game early!), we went as a team to Cal Ripken night at the Chukar's game.
Tons. of. Fun.
Can't wait to see how our lil' sluggers do next year!

Perfect Little Parker

So, little Parker was born this summer and we are so in love with him!
He is so beautiful, has the best personality and he is growing like the cutest weed ever!

{the new family}

His Blessing Day was August 22 and he cried through his whole blessing. It was fantastic.
Karina put on a beautiful luncheon.
We were so happy to be there.

{isn't she such a cute new mommy?}

More Summer Fun 2010...

Here is a smattering of random summer pictures because I am tired of catching up...
This group covers a quick get away to SLC, some summer swimming at our pathetic campout in Victor/Driggs campout (pathetic both because we were there to work more than play, and because we were sick with terrible colds!), and our redheads crazy curler pics.
Happy Viewing!



{the girls wanted some curly hair one random summer day}

{here's the goofy shot}

{Katie~gift shop~Planetarium}

{Scotty~gift shop~Planetarium}

{Jack and Olivia IMAX~Planetarium}

{Liv-Bees Game- She can still do her tongue trick}

{Yeager Girls on the moon-Planetarium}

{ Katie, Livvie and Buzz}

{the "little girls" in the pool at the campground in Victor}

{Kate sports the goggles}

{Jack chillin by the pool}