Monday, July 26, 2010

California Post

We got to go on a mini-vacation this last weekend!
We left the kids in Grandma and Grandpa's loving care and off we went to SoCal to see one of Scotty's best buddies get married.
We flew out of our own home town airport. With the air show in town, we were treated to our own private show. The Blue Angels were practicing as we waited for our departure! They were right next to the terminal. This picture was taken from inside. Compared to some of the travel stories of Scott's friends (cancelled flights, erupting Coca-Colas, detours to Miami, over booked flights, and delays), we had a smooth trip. Our only complaint being sickness. We were both still under the weather when we left with a cold/flu thing that just wouldn't quit.

Thursday night we ventured out to North Hollywood to Mark's house to have the "bachelor party". Scotty brought me along. No one seemed to mind- there were other girlfriends/wives there too. Mark is a chef. He managed to make some of the most delicious food in a small kitchen and tiny patio. There was tons of food and so many varieties and it was all way too good.

It was fun to see Scott with some of the guys from back in the day. I got to hear some crazy stories, some new and some I had heard before. Mark's brother Tim came in from Argentina and brought beautiful Lucia with him. Mark's littlest brother Matt, flew in from Chicago. It was great to see all three Ostrom brothers together.

{some of the crew}
Friday we went to Venice Beach to see all the freaks. We saw "Muscle Beach", saw some great skate boarding, heard some good music, ate some yummy food and relaxed in the sand. Friday night we skipped out on the festivities, ordered pizza to the hotel room and an in-room movie and relaxed. We slept in so late the next day it was blissful. Our sicko bodies really needed the rest.

Saturday was the wedding. We barely got to the Shangri-La in Santa Monica in time to catch the shuttle to the beach in Malibu. Our hotel was 4 miles away. It took us 30 minutes to get there. The traffic in L.A. is MISERABLE.
The wedding was on the beach in Malibu and it was beautiful.
The reception was at the Shangri-La in Santa Monica and it was amazing.
The food was delicious, the music was moving, and the people were perfect.
We were happy to be a part of it. Mark is one of Scott's best friends in the world.

{The Yeagers at the beach in Malibu}

{where the wedding took place}

{Mark's brother Matt}

{Mark's brother, Tim and the Maid of Honor, Tia }

{the view from the reception}

{later that night}

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Let's go Swimming!

We went to Dr. yesterday to get Olivia's cast off!
I brought all four of the kids.
The excitement was building.

We were going to go to Ross Park for Family Home Evening, but we decided it was WAY too windy for that, plus I really wasn't feeling good yesterday.
They x-rayed it after the cast came off and said it is healing great.
she needs to be careful with it for 2 MORE WEEKS!
It never ends.
Her arm is peeling all nasty.
As soon as it was off, we stopped in the bathroom to wash up before X-rays.
Even though it was windy, she played in her kiddy pool in the backyard for a little while.
She loved it.

{The Cast}

{See her tan line?}

{Buzzing it off}

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Olivia’s Teeter-Totter Trick

June 17, we were at Jack's baseball game. The game was at our least favorite field. The field is terrible. It is so rough and rocky usually both coaches agree on a no sliding policy- just so we don't have any Emergency Room trips.

Also, this field's playground is a little outdated. It consists of an old merry-go-round, swings, slide and teeter-totters. All made out of metal- no plastic or rubber or anything at all recent. Well, while Jack is playing and Dad is busy coaching and Mom is busy keeping the book for the team, the girls are usually busy having fun at whatever playground is currently available. So, this particular night, Olivia was living it up on the teeter-totter. Somehow (I'm not sure how- I've heard a few different stories from eye witnesses) she managed a magnificent accident and hurt her arm quite bad. There was screaming.

I had to hand off the book and leave Jack on the mound minus a cheering section.. We dashed off to the Dr. for some x-rays. It was a long wait. After we got her sweatshirt off, we could see that Olivia's elbow looked very wrong. After some excruciating x-rays, we were told that she had indeed fractured her elbow and to get with the Orthopedic specialist. They put her in a soft cast and a sling and sent us on our way.

She was just getting the "swing" of things in Tee-ball. (Hee Hee)

We had to miss the church camp-out the next day. Also, we were having the coldest summer ever until she broke it. Then suddenly SUMMER began- and she couldn't swim, run through the sprinklers, go to the splash park, slip-n-slide, nope. None of it.

The next Monday, we got into the Orthopedic and got the real cast. HOT PInK.

It has been hard work to try to keep her from going too crazy. Right away when she got her cast, she and some other kids decided to make a "nest" for the birds out of grass.

Grass is itchy in a cast. The next baseball game it was sand. Also a little abrasive. They did more x-rays the next week and told us it is healing nicely. She gets it off July 12th at 1pm after which we will be going SWIMMING!

She has absolutely LOVED the attention and has hardly complained, even though it has got to be miserably hot and sweaty in there, not to mention all the dirt/sand/grass/rocks she has gotten in there. She is so much fun!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


June 15th Katie turned


Can you believe it? We sure can't.

Katie will be in 6th Grade next year. Weird, right?

Katie wears the same size shoes and shirts that I do. Which means, that I'll be getting Hand-me-Downs soon.

Katie is growing up so fast and she is so much fun to be around. She is tall - not sure how tall, but its weird to not to have to look so far down. She is so funny- in a really creative and spontaneous kind of way. She has a very mature sense of humor. She can get the adults laughing even though sometimes her friends don't get her.

Most importantly, We have FINALLY reached the stage where we have a live in BABYSITTER!

Oh yeah.

Katie is a fantastic babysitter. She has been babysitting for families in the neighborhood and she loves it. She is so cautious and is such a worrier, it's perfect. It's so fun watching her experience new things.

Next summer, she'll be going to GIRLS' CAMP!

This year was Katie's "family party" year. Also, it was a "baseball day". So we had to break up our party a little. We started with presents before breakfast, then went to Daylight Donuts for her special birthday breakfast- her choice. We also went to the zoo, just for fun. Then, Jack's baseball game and then her Great Aunt Cathy took us all to Subway for dinner after. We did the cake and candle thing on Father's Day, just because it was a convenient time and the family was all there anyway.

The day after her birthday, we had Katie Moss come over and pierce her ears! She had them pierced when she was eight, but they were so infected no matter what we did that we eventually just took them out and let them grow over. So Katie Moss has piercing experience and was so patient when Katie freaked out and changed her mind last minute. So far, she loves having them pierced!

I hope she had a good birthday, we sure love her and are so lucky to have her be ours!


One "trick" candle really "tricked" her.

She couldn't get it out!


She really wanted a Sand Pail cake. They are so easy, I certainly didn't try to talk her out of it!

Katie getting ready to get her ears pierced.
Panicking, really.

All done!

Katie chose DONUTS for breakfast!


(these are the whole family's, not just Katie's :))

Our "little girls" with flowers in their hair

A Daddy and his Daughters

Poor Little Bekah

Rebekah has had lots of friends lose teeth before her. I expected that. Jack didn't lose one tooth until he was almost eight! So, we weren't too serious about checking for lose teeth. We were even less diligent about checking for teeth coming in before they were invited! Rebekah showed us two permanent teeth coming in on her bottome front. They were quite visible in her mouth! Her baby teeth weren't even budging.

I finally got around to calling the dentist. I HATE paying to have baby teeth taken out! That is supposed to be free! By the time her appointment came around, her bottom front teeth were loose. But of course he couldn't just tell me to go home and let her pull them, he tells me that the permanent teeth are as big as four baby teeth and only two were even a little ready. So, yep poor kid had to have all four bottom teeth yanked.

My little Rebekah, who is a professional giggler and never walks or even runs anytime she could be skipping, cried like a little baby. It was heart breaking to watch. Just pathetic little sobs. It hurt to deaden it, and it hurt to have them pulled. ( I hear red-heads need extra numbing- and he did use a ton, but still...)

As we were leaving, the dentist gave us his instructions.

"She'll need some ibuprofen, keep changing her gauze, watch to make sure she doesn't chew on her cheek, and put her in drama, she'll do great."

He just rattled off the list so casually, I almost didn't catch that last part. Silly dentist. Don't you know that cracking jokes doesn't make us giving you all our money any easier?

Perhaps the most pathetic part of the day was after we were home. Rebekah wanted to see her mouth. So she went into the bathroom, took out the gauze, looked in the mirror, ....

and nearly passed out.

She is a squeamish little thing. For about an hour and a half afterward, she couldn't sit up, she was so white she was green and soooo clammy. She said when she saw the blood she got dizzy and felt like she was going to be sick. This happened once when she had to have some blood work done. Crazy.