Sunday, May 16, 2010

Almost there...

Just getting back on track on this blogging thing. I aplogize to anyone who actually enjoys reading this thing, I just have NOT wanted to get online and do it. I'm glad I do. I love going back and remembering things I thought I would remember but didn't. Anyway, I still need to get some pictures and journaling about Jack's baseball team. They are doing awesome! School has two weeks left and there is always so much going on. Tee ball is coming up too!
For now, I got one post for each kid. So enjoy! :)

I swear we don't watch MTV...

Our little Olivia has got Moves.

It can be a little embarrassing at times, but that girl is always movin" those hips!

She sings along as well.

Lately, it's been a few oh, oh, uh, uh, 's with a cute little melody about being a rock star. Could have something to do with Hannah Montana, but it is different enough that I'm not sure.

One day at the mall, while waiting for Katie to try on some clothes, she found some shades and a mirror and rocked out to the music. It was hilarious!

She also loves to strike a pose.

Here she is a Sam's Club. While waiting to check out she says,

"Mom, take my picture."


Thanks a lot, Disney Channel!!


Run, Bekah, Run!!

Rebekah is finally playing soccer this year!
She has been wanting to play since she was about 18 months old running after Katie and JC at their soccer events. For some reason, we have missed registration, been too busy, too strapped or whatever else that this is her first time playing.
She is on an all- girl team: THE PURPLE DRAGONS
Intimidating, huh?
She is the only 1st grader on a team of 2nd graders and is maybe the only one that hasn't played previously. No matter, she is Loving it!

She gets better each game. She is getting more aggressive and has more contact with the ball! We are pretty pleased with how hard she is trying. We wondered how aggressive Bekah could possibly be-I mean, she is sugar and spice- literally the sweetest thing. But the progress is fun to see!

At the last game, her shoe fell off while she was running. She turned to us and put her hand over her mouth to cover up the cutest giggles ever. It was the highlight of the game for her.

Such a silly girl.

We love her:)

She DARED to Graduate!

We had a "graduation" to attend recently. Katie has officially graduated from D.A.R.E.!
We spent a couple precious hours congratulating three 5th grade classes on their completion of the program. She is now quite educated about drugs and alcohol.
Part of the program was the "pop challenge". Katie accepted the challenge and was able to have NO SODA for THREE MONTHS! We were quite proud of her.
It was a fun little program. They had a cute slide show of the kids learning and video of them saying "no" to drugs in a variety of ways. They had some award winning essays read. They handed them their diplomas.
Then the rock concert started.
That's right the officers put on a rock concert for those kids. They had a whole band on stage, and rocked it out for quite a few songs. The 5th graders even rushed the stage and did some great dancing by the band.
It was so loud. I loved that they would go to such trouble for those 5th graders. It meant so much to them.
When we got home, Katie's request for treats?
Root Beer Floats.
Hooray for Soda! :)

{Katie and some friends from school}

Our little "Graduate"
Let's hope she always remembers what she learned this year...

His Fast Green Car...

So we are finally posting this year's pinewood derby pictures.
Jack did better than last year- he won a few of the races, but didn't come in the top 3. (we aren't sure where he landed, they only told us the top 3).
He had a blast, loved every minute of it. He had fun designing and building his car with his dad and loved race night.
Interestingly enough, they gave every single boy one of these fancy shelf things. (that is what we told him it was. he did not win and so should not have a trophy! when did we begin to give trophies to everyone? competition is not so bad, we think- anyway, i digress)

{Happy Jack and his beautiful green car}

{The beginning of a race...}