Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Last Year's Spring Break:

This Year's Spring Break:

No one was wearing shorts this year for Spring Break!
We have had the wackiest weather. Not fun for a family of four kids home for two weeks of Spring Break and no trip planned. A lot of indoor time!

The kids got the Spring Break ball rolling with a lovely bout of stomach flu.
Yuck. No fun.
We went to the library and got lots of books to read- Rebekah read 5 Cam Jansen books (she really loves them right now)
We went to see THE TOOTH FAIRY- it was a cute movie. The kids loved it.
We went to play the slots, I mean arcade games at Leo's. They always love that.
They got to have a sleep-over at Grandma's and Grandpa's house.
One day, we went BOWLING! Fun Fun! The place was packed. Apparently we aren't the only ones with good ideas.
Katie took this picture of me.

Scott smoked us all- really not hard to do.
We really stink at bowling.
But we had a good time doing it!

We colored eggs!
The kids always enjoy this Easter tradition- and all four love eating hard boiled eggs the next few days.

{Silly Katie}

{Olivia had fun making some creative eggs}

{Rebekah with her "rockstar" egg}

{Jack and his "landscape egg"}

{pretty eggs}
We really enjoyed Conference. It was the first in awhile that we weren't traveling during conference weekend. So we loved relaxing for church in our jammies:)
We played "conference bingo" and used Cheerios as our pieces. After conference was over, Olivia was just munching on her Cheerios. Scott fell asleep on the couch and she decided to share with him. So of course we had to take pictures...

Easter morning came bright and early for our kids. They were so excited.
{Olivia got pom-poms}

{Jack got baseball cards for his collection}

{Rebekah got a Little Mermaid diary}

{Katie got a sleep mask}

Everyone got a new T-shirt, but it seems we will just keep needing to wear our sweaters. The Tuesday after Spring Break was over, we woke up to 5 inches of snow and got a SNOW DAY from school! Crazy indeed.

All in all, we enjoyed being together and not stressing out about homework every night!
It was a good break from school. We are ready to face the last TWO MONTHS of school before
(I wonder if we will go sledding during summer vacation?? Hopefully only at the sand dunes!)