Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pretty girls, buddy boys and Yep, we could easily add to our family...

Earlier this month, some friends of ours landed a fabulous all inclusive vacation.
They asked us to take care of their darling children for part of the time that they were gone.
They are THREE and ONE.
We had such a good time with them. We literally fell in love with these kids.
The little boy became Jack's shadow. He was so upset when we had to take him to school or scouts... All he wanted to do was play with Jack. It was so cute.
We made sure they got plenty of love while their mommy and daddy were gone.
At one point, Scott looked at me and said, "Yep. We could so easily add to our family. It would be so easy to love more kids."
I couldn't agree more.
Here is about the only decent shot we got while they were with us.
{feeding the ducks and geese at the river}

{That sweet little boy now calls me, "MAMA YEAGER"}

How jealous are you?

And here are some gorgeous head shots of our girls one Sunday before church.

Not sure why we don't have one of Jack. He often isn't too excited when the camera comes out.

We love him and think he is devastatingly handsome, but we'll have to work on getting the shot.

{our girls}

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flat Stanley Tags Along...

Our niece Sara, who lives in Tennessee sent Flat Stanely to visit. So, we were thrilled when our friends invited us to go to a cabin with them for the weekend. Because, really, how else are we going to show Flat Stanley a good time in February??
Not the most exciting month in these parts.
He loved it.
And so did we.
It was nice to get away for the weekend to just relax.
Here's our pal Stan relaxing with us.

The cabin was in the Ashton, ID area and there was quite a bit of snow there this winter!
We didn't even pack proper snow gear for our kids- (I guess part of me started relaxing before we even got there!). So they tried to play in the snow. But it was DEEP.
There was one fun run on a sled down the hill, but it ended in tears when all the girls' bare hands ended up in snow. :)
Here are some kids taking a simple walk.
We didn't pack snow shoes either.

All in all, it was just so refreshing to NOT be in our house with all the things that I've been procrastinating staring at me all weekend.
We ate yummy food, played, and rested.
Good times.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby Boy, Bunkbeds, and Bling

When I was in the Young Women's program in a different ward, I had a laurel that sort of became an honorary Yeager. Now, she is all grown up, married and expecting her first baby. When she found out the sex, she wanted to come over with a plate of cookies all decorated in the frosting color of the sex of the baby. She really tried hard. All day, and several botched batches later, she called and asked me to come over.
She told us she is having a baby boy in July!

We are so excited.

We helped her make blue cupcakes to tell her family and friends.

We are excited for the 4th of July to get here!

Olivia and Bekah's room was seeming quite cramped and they really wanted their beds to be put into "bunkbed form". They waited and waited for Scott's ribs to heal. Finally, they got their wish. Bunkbeds.

Much more room to play now.

Bekah on the bunk bed, she gets top bunk.

So, alot of ladies and girls in our hood have been showing up with shiny strands in their hair. Katie is a little, well, a lot more adventurous with her hair than I am. She asked for blue hair extensions! I said, lets check out this shiny hair thing.
So, we found out our friend Rachel Holdaway does the Bling Strands business in her house.
Go Here for more info.
Katie struck up a deal to trade bling for babysitting and she got her strands.

Then, of course all of Katie's friends at school wanted it, not to mention Rebekah and Olivia so we had to throw a Bling Strand Party. It was fun. Not a lot of people came, but we had a good time.
Scott and Jack had a night out for the boys.
Here is Bekah getting her bling on.
Katie and Katelyn entertained everyone with singing, dancing, skits.... they were actually pretty funny. Silly girl.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The time I ran over my own kid...

I am WAY behind on blogging. Not sure why. I think it has something to do with the winter blues, or my self diagnosed S.A.D. I just haven't wanted to do it. But, to update, we'll start with our sledding trip on MLK day.

We went to the Ucon pit.
We got a new sled from Santa this last Christmas we were dying to try out.

It is big- it can hold all four kids or a mom or dad and a couple of them.

{Note how thrilled Katie is to be a part of our Mandatory Family Fun}

The landing. Good Times.

Olivia LOVED sledding and went down and climbed up the hill over and over. (we purposely left the four-wheeler at home so they would get some good exercise and be TIRED) She would have gone on climbing that hill forever.

However, we had a little accident.

Katie and Bekah were at the bottom of the hill, and Olivia and I were just starting our run. (You can see what's coming, huh?)

Well, yep, our sled turned and at full speed with me screaming at the top of my lungs, "MOVE, BEK, MOVE!!" We took our out at the legs and she went down hard.

She had a nice sized bruise on her poor little calf and spent the rest of the time in the suburban. I felt so terrible, I stayed with her and kept her company until we had to drag Olivia and Jack into the car to go home.

Great Memories!