Sunday, November 29, 2009

Finally, the Halloween Post!

Halloween was not so recent anymore, but we did celebrate.
We LOVE holidays and the traditions that make them so fun.
Here is our Halloween 2009.

Rebekah was a witch~ with black hair and green face. No warty nose, though. She drew the line there. She told me that she didn't want to be an ugly witch. :) I guess she is cute enought to pull off the green face and black straggly hair.

Poor Jack.

He was Darth Vader AGAIN. He makes a great one. We had a great costume planned, but due to unforseen complications (Scott), we were unable to deliver. So, Jack was a great sport and happliy wore the Darth Vader costume again.

Olivia was THRILLED to be the unicorn this year. She couldn't wait for Halloween to arrive and gloried in the glitter she got to wear.
She is so much fun.

Katie was terrifying as a "Goth Vampire Girl".
She was so happy to finally have her dream of black hair for Halloween come true.
She was a little scary to some kids.

Here is the spooky crew.

We had a ton of fun. We went to a carnival, but didn't dress up. We went to a fabulous Halloween Dinner Party at Grandma and Granpa's house complete with spooky food galore. We hit our Trunk-or-Treat, and even did some Trick-or-Treating old school style~Door to Door.
Then came the true horror.
Washing out the black hair.
It is a good thing the girls had so much fun with that, because it was probably the last time.
That stuff is horrible, the bathroom was covered in inky blackness!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Recent Randomness...

Just some of the Random Things the Yeagers have been up to {and documented}

We went hunting as a family one day. We went to the Tex Creek area.
We saw several MOOSE, a cyote, but no MULE DEER, which is what we were after. However, we had a great time. It was good to get away and enjoy nature. The fall leaves were beautiful, we took a little hike {an educational nature hike- the kids are getting better at identifying tracks and droppings:) }, and we had a fantastic lunch break at the Pizza Parlor at Heise.
Here is Olivia at lunch.

A while back we spent a couple of evenings at the Sand Dunes at Sandy Downs.

We had a ball. The kids loved sledding down the hill on their sleds, playing in the sand, and eating s'mores. We loved having the hill be our free babysitter for the night while we relaxed and enjoyed the company of good friends.

We'll definitely be doing that again next year.

Here is a terrible picture I took on my cell phone

{forgot the camera!}

One evening, we went to the Idaho Falls Temple Visitor Center for Family Home Evening.

We walked around the grounds a bit, took this silly picture, and watched "On the Lord's Errand" about the prophet Thomas S. Monson. It was fabulous. We highly recommend it.

Rebekah had to have a picture of her wearing her super cool scarf that came with her super cool Hannah Montana shirt.

We got to go on a get-away without the kids! We went back to where it all began.
We ate at all our old favorites.
We saw some old friends.
We went to an ASU game, lounged in the hot tub, hiked "A" mountain, went to the zoo (part of our 1st date), ate at a yummy deli (corned beef sandwich!) that happened to be owned by a guy that actually went to the same highschool as Scott, and had a fantastic time.
Here is the view from the top of "A" mountain.

We took the Principle of our school and her husband to the zoo. We had a great time, the kids love them. Here are the monkeys we tried to deposit at the monkey house. I guess they were full, because we brought them home. :)

That's all for now. We will get Halloween on here soon. Still catching up!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The Boy Turned NINE!

Jack's birthday was October 9th.
His GOLDEN birthday. Nine on the ninth.
It turned out to be my day for volunteering in the classroom, so I stayed after and had lunch with him and the girls at school. It was pizza day. Yum.
Then, after volleyball practice, we went out for a wild night of excitement.
We went to Game World and partied like there was no tomorrow (even though there was a tomorrow- Katie had an EARLY volleyball game the next morning. We were tired)
It was his "Family" year. Our kids only get "friend" parties every other year.
So, for poor Jack, that means that he was the only boy there. He has girl cousins and sisters a plenty. Well, Grandpa was there too. (Daddy was gone hunting- but he made up for it by taking Jack hunting the next week- just the two of them)
Anyway, he was surrounded by girls, but was such a good sport about the whole day.
Can't believe he is growing up so fast.
We love you Jack!

All he wanted for his cake, was a favorite dessert. "Chocolate Heaven"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"Free" School

We have started a neighborhood Co-op preschool that I like to call "free" school. Olivia just LOVES it. Six adorable little kids. Three boys, three girls.
I found out I really enjoy my turn to teach! It is a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
The kids are adorable, sweet, and fun to work with.
Here she is on her 1st day of school

This Labor Day...

...we went to Odgen UT to buy a truck. Scott needed a vehicle that would be more reliable, and he found the right one on So, away we went. My brother and his wife and cute kids live in Ogden, so finally we got to spend some time with them.
The kids loved it.

Our Friend, the Wallaby

A while back, we went to our local zoo with my brother and sister in law and had a great experience. ALL of the animals were in rare form. We actually saw the snow leopard, the otters were swimming, the monkeys were screaming, the tigers were pacing, - you get the idea. Good night at the zoo.
The best part was this little wallaby.
He jumped the fence to get to know us a little better.
So sweet.