Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sending prayers your way. . .

We are aware of a certain young girl who is pregnant and faced with a huge decision.
She should know that we are praying for her.
You are loved, and you will be blessed.
If you feel so inclined, please call or email.
We would love to meet you.
All of us.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Long Time No Post

I think that is the longest we have gone without updating our blog! Well, we finally did.
Scroll on down, I have just posted the recent happenings of the Yeager Family!

Olivia is a FOUR year old!!

Olivia had a birthday!

September 2nd she turned four years old.

We can't believe how fast it has gone- and how much fun she has been!

After much deliberation (first she wanted an American Flag cake because she saw a "cool" one at scouts, then it was a puppy cake, and I can't remember all the other ideas) she decided to want a


This was fun to make, she helped! She put the eyes on for us.

Olivia's birthday was a fun day. She started with the usual special breakfast: Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Whipped Cream. Then she opened her presents.

She really NEEDED this Dr. kit. She has been band aid stealing. And sticking band aids to everything in sight. Right away she said to Bekah. "Sit still. I am going to fix your body." :)

While the kids were at school, we took Livvie to lunch and then to shop at Toys R Us. Her Uncle Christopher sent her some money and it was burning a hole. We spent SO much time there. She wanted to look at everything, but couldn't narrow it down to what she wanted to bring home. Finally, we bought a Wii game for her. Littlest Pet Shop. We still haven't actually played it, but it should be fun!

After we picked up the kids, we were off to the first day of Ballet! Olivia and Rebekah are now taking creative ballet on Wednesdays. They were so cute in their leotards and tights. I'll take a picture next Wednesday.

Then we stopped at Sam's Club for some "cheese pizza"(what Livvie had been asking for). But when we got there, all she wanted was a hot dog. Go figure.

Then, we went to Iona Park for playtime, Cake & Ice Cream, and presents from Grandma and Grandpa and the cousins.

She had a good day.

Just for Fun. . .

We have such fun grandparents. They are always sending home fun things with the kids. Recently, Grandpa sent home some wax/fang/lip things.
The kids thought they were so funny!

Nunn's Park

We went to a family reunion in UT for my (Mykalee) Dad's side of the family. It was over the weekend of Aug. 21. We brought our pop up tent trailer and camped. We had a ton of fun. We got to see cousins galore, eat yummy food, enjoy nature and RIDE HORSES!

My Aunt Dorothy brought horses for the kids to ride. Katie was in heaven. She has loved horses forever. The other three found out they love them too.

We walked to Bridal Falls and we were just getting the kids organized for a photo when two bikers came plowing through. Olivia tried to get out of the way, but actually ran in front of the bike and got ran over! It is clearly posted that right in front of the falls, it is pedestrians only. For the obvious reasons like this one. We couldn't believe it. So we didn't get that picture because she was crying so hard. She was fine, she got a little scrape on her ear and was qute upset, but it passed quickly.

We had so much fun. My sister Chalene camped with us one night, the kids were so excited. The highlight was probably Jack and his auction purchase. Every other year they have this reunion. Everyone is asked to bring items to donate to the auction. The proceeds from the auction pay for the next reunion. My aunt had donated hand made pillow covers from Ireland. Chalene said she would love those and the next thing you hear is a bidding war between JC and my Aunt Dorothy. I asked him if he was bidding with his money or ours and he assured me he would pay. He won the bid, and immediately handed the pillow cover to his Aunt Chalene. "Here, this is for you!" he said.
What a boy.

Back to School 2009!

School started for our kids on August 12th! They attend a local charter school that we just LOVE.
It was earlier than most other schools in the area, but they didn't mind. They were ready to go back. Not as ready to get back to homework, but they love school.
As usual, I cried when they went into the school.

I really like my kids.

We had a lot of fun this summer, and we enjoy spending so much time together.

Now all we have left at home during the day is this:

This adorable little girl that is SO much fun to play with!

This picture was taken one of the first days of school while the others were off learning. We had a "perfect day" with Little Livvie. We fed the ducks, went to the library, went to lunch, walked around the river and downtown...

I can see why the youngest child is always so spoiled.

Anyway, here are the school children's 1st day pics.

Katie is in 5TH GRADE!!

I can't believe it. I completley remember my 5th grade! I had Mr. Martel and we earned "Martel Money" as an incentive for work. She is growing up so fast. Her current favorite books are the Nancy Drew books~ she's over the Baby Sitter Club books. She is going to start playing Volley Ball this fall for the 1st time!

Jack is in 3RD GRADE!!! His new teacher was my piano teacher when I was young! We absolutley ADORE her. He is going to have a fantastic year! He has just finished reading the Percy Jackson series and is excited for the movie to come out!

Rebekah is in 1ST GRADE!!! She stays at school all the live long day! I miss her, but she is thriving. She loves lunch at school, has the sweetest teacher, and is reading much better already. She is loving learning her math facts and is getting quite fast!

Some other moms in the neighborhood and I have started a Co-op preschool. There will be 5 moms and 5 kids. It will be fun for Liv to play and learn with some of her neighborhood friends.