Monday, May 25, 2009

Living, Learning, and Loving Idaho

With Katie just finishing up 4th grade, and Idaho History, we have decided to dedicate some of our summer's activites to her. We'd love to bring it all to life for her. Plus, Jack will be there soon. . .

Our first experience:

Massacre Rocks State Park

It is just outside of American Falls. It has a gruesome name, but it really wasn't as bad as it sounds. Some pioneers were killed by Indians. After it was all said and done, about 10 pioneers died. They acknowledge that the name is a little overly dramatic, but what can you do...?

Here is Katie as a pioneer getting ready for the Oregon Trail. The visitor's center at the Park had a ton of fun information. It has historical as well as geological info. We also learned a little about volcanic action and the Bonneville Flood a zillion years ago.

It is a Desert.

A real Desert.

An hour away from home, and there is sand, cactus, lizards, and HEAT.

It was fun how different it was- the only vegetation was Junipers, Sage brush, and Prickly Pear Cactus. Oh, and a stink bush.

Here we are on our hike. That's the beautiful Snake River behind us.

We took a few smaller trails from our campground to the actual OREGON TRAIL!
Here is a tunnel under the highway. There were two of them. Olivia loved hearing her echo on the way through.

Here's the actual ruts from wagons in the Oregon Trail.

At least that's what they are telling us...

It was a little disappointing. They looked like regular old hiking trails. We even walked down them for a while.

Some info about the Oregon Trail

After we wore ourselves out with our hike, we went to see "Register Rock"

It is a big rock, that was at a kind of "rest stop" for pioneers on their way.

They would stop and use chisels and axel grease to carve their names/dates into this rock. The names weren't the first thing we noticed, however.

Scott and Jack were first on the scene.

They saw a snake, and heard a rattle!

Yes, there was a rattlesnake enjoying the cool rock- the rock we came to see.

We tried to get a few pictures.
he's kind of hard to see...

Anway, it was exciting.


So, our 1st camping trip of the season.
It was GREAT.
Nights stayed: 2

Wildlife seen: Pelicans, Racoon, Rattlesnake, Tons of Lizards, Rabbit

#Smores Eaten: too many to count:)

We would definitely recommend MASSACRE ROCKS STATE PARK to our friends.

It has a nice campground with flushy potties and free hot showers.

The campsites are nice.

There are SEVERAL hikes available. Mini and easy to long an hard. you choose.



Happy Birthay Bekah!

Happy Birthday, Bekah! We love you!
Rebekah's birthday was May 19th. We celebrated on the 18th because her birthday was so busy with other activities like piano lessons and a baseball game.
Luckily, her "fake birthday" was summer weather! It was close to 90 degrees that day. So, we filled up the kiddie pool, and she had a fun day getting in and out of the pool and hanging out in her swimsuit.
The deal we have with our kids for their birthdays is that every other birthday, they get to have a "friend party" and on the alternate years they only get a "family party". This year was Rebekah's family party year. But, lucky for her, a good friend of ours in the hood needed her kids watched. So, Bekah's family party turned into an impromtu friend party too.

Here she is in all her glory opening gifts. She had a ton of fun.

She wanted a Care Bear cake, but this is what she got. . .
(Its supposed to be Cheer Bear)

Blowing out the candles.

We can't believe our sweet little Bekah is 6 years old already!

On her real birthday, she got her favorite breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream on top- we even put a couple of cherries on top for the birthday girl!
Here she is with her Daddy at Jack's baseball game on her actual birthday.

We love you sweet Bekah!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I got a sunburn on my arms yesterday.
We worked outside all day getting our garden prepared and planted!
I am so glad we had such a nice day to spend working in our yard. I love it when the weather gets warm!
My little Rebekah turns SIX on Tuesday! I can't believe it. We are going to celebrate tomorrow night because Tuesday has school, piano lessons, and a baseball game. So, I need to come up with ideas for a "Care Bear Cake". She also wants to go camping, so we'll be off for our 1st campout of the season Friday night!
Scroll on down, I finally posted pictures of our trip to SLC.
Hopefully it doesn't take me so long to post her birthday pictures!
And YEA for the nice weather!!

You have got to be kidding me...

This last Wednesday was one of the WORST nights!

Jack had a baseball game. It was FREEZING! The Wind was blowing and it felt like winter. I seriously thought it would just start to snow at any moment. The girls and I weren't dressed properly. I had no idea the wind was going to blow so hard and the temperature was going to drop so low. BRRRR. . . .

Here's the little girls using each other for warmth.

Here's three of his fans. We are so excited for school to be out soon. Katie's 4th grade teacher gives an enormous amount of homework! So, she even had to work on it at the game.

And did I mention it was COLD?

She told me her fingers were numb.

The next bad part of the evening was the game. Our players had the worst time. We're not sure why. The three previous games they had played, they CREAMED the other teams.

They are a good ball team.

Until Wednesday.

They couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

They couldn't catch anything.

We didn't even score ONE run. It was so sad andCOLD.

So here is our little hero, Striking out, I believe.

After the game, we were all done with the wind and a little sad from the massive loss.

So, we told Jack he could pick somewhere to eat to celebrate his fantastic failure.

He picked PIZZA HUT

We had some yummy pizza, pitchers of root beer, good stuff. There is just something special for me about eating pizza "out" with rootbeer. Weird, I know. Maybe I am the only one. But the service was horrible and I still couldn't get warm.


after we had paid, there was an extra mint.

And a playful battle to get the last mint.

Which ended up with us at the E.R.

A place we are getting a little too familiar with.

Here's Katie and Olivia in the waiting room.

They were fine.

It was my little hero man.


Bad night for him, he cut his ear open on a chair leg at Pizza Hut.

Three stitches later, he got home with his dad after midnight.
It seemed as if the whole town was at the E.R. that night. So busy and such a long wait.
It was a completely different experience than it was for Olivia.
They didn't even get his ear totally numb. He could feel the stitches.
He did not get a teddy bear. Or a coloring book.

He took the mint to school to show his class, "the most expensive mint ever"

How did we go almost 10 years and have NO stitches in our four kids only to have 2 kids get stitches in 2 months? Katie looked at me and said,
"Does this mean Bekah and me are next?"

I hope not

Monday, May 11, 2009

Two Weeks Ago...

So, the first weekend in May, we went out of town and I haven't posted about it yet. We took Scott to the airport in Salt Lake for a memorial service for his Uncle in Chicago.

We stayed in Salt Lake with my sister Chalene.

We had so much fun with her.

Thanks, Chalene!

Here are the pictures, in no particular order.

She took us to THE MELTING POT

We had never been to any place like this! We loved it. It was SO much food and it was all so YUMMY! The kids had fun dipping the food themselves.

On that Sunday, we went to church with my friend Charla (BFF from highschool). She just lives and goes to church up the hill from the conference center and temple square. So, after church we went to temple square. We started at the church history and art museum. I had no idea they had such an amazing kids area in there! The kids could have stayed in there all day. Jack really got into the art displayed. He loved it. We also had fun finding different flags and learning about the countries from the sister missionaries wearing them! Shy Jack would walk right up to a sister missionary and ask what country she was from and what the capital was.

Jack built a beautiful temple.

Gave a talk from the pulpit.

This was at Discovery Way Children's Museum. Olivia had so much fun!

This was also at the children's museum. They had a life flight helicopter for the kids to learn about emergency heroes.

This was at the church museum. They had a cute little hospital nursery with babies and scales and birth certificates to fill out. The girls loved this room.

This was at the planetarium gift shop. They LOVED the planetarium!
We saw a show in the dome theater and 2 movies at the IMAX- Under the Sea and Space Station. The kids loved them and we learned quite a bit!

This is Bekah at the children's museum. They had a whole area for story play. They had a stage with lights and curtains and a whole bunch of dress up clothes for the kids to put on plays.

Here's the girls on Mars at the planetarium.

Olivia at the children's museum. They had a whole area of "building" toys. Blocks, legos, magnets, you name it, they had it. We could have spent more time there really. Fun place.
We stayed in a hotel, though. So the kids had a TON of fun swimming in the hotel pool. We just relaxed and had fun.

These next two pictures I got from Scott's sister. He got to see his family and some old neighbors.
Here he is with his parents and his sister.

That Saturday, Scott and his sister Tracey went to a Cub's game together.
The weather was beautiful and his beloved Cubbies won!
Here they are at Wrigley Field

We missed him and were very happy when he got in on Sunday night.
The kids seemed to feel somewhat guilty about having fun without their dad!
We could be doing the most fun thing, and they would look sad and say, "Dad would like this, too."

So, it was nice to be all back together again, and Monday morning, we headed back home!