Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Breakfast for Two

This morning, I was very busy- getting the little girls bathed and dressed, helping Katie put the finishing touches on her science project, making beds....
When I went into the kitchen, Jack was sitting at the table.
I said, "Good Morning, Son!"
And he smiled. Extra cheesey.
This is why:

JC and Leonardo were enjoying a quiet breakfast together!

Love that kid.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Loving Little Livvy

Our little Olivia is so much fun, I just had to do a post to remember some fun Livvie-isms

One day, she grabbed me and hugged me out of the blue and said, "Oh, I SO much love you mom!" - How cute is that!? I definitely have the best job in the world.

She just had her first dentist visit yesterday.

She was nervous of the moving chair and her only motivation in going was the treasure box full of prizes at the end of the visit.

Our dentist absolutely melted at her cuteness. She showed him her mad tongue skills (She can not only touch her tongue to her nose, but can actually clean out her nostrils with her tongue- gross, I know, but still, it's a talent)

One day, quite a while ago, Olivia had recently turned three, I was folding laundry, specifically the clean wash cloths. She held one up and looked at me closely and said very slowly, "CHAUNCH"
I said, "What?"
She got closer and said more seriously and more slowly,
"C H A U N C H "
You know, slow and loud, like she was speaking to the stupid.
I was laughing so hard. I had no idea what she was trying to say to me.
She attempted to make me hear her a few more times, getting closer and slower each time, but I just didn't get it.
Later that night, she held up a wash cloth and said, "Washie!"
I said, "Why did you call it a "chaunch" earlier?
She said, "That is Spanish for washie."
Oh. I see.
So, if you ever hear us calling Olivia Chaunchie, you'll know where that nickname came from. I still giggle when I think of her RIGHT up next to my face, desperately trying to make me understand.

Here she is wearing her candy necklace.
Grandma and Grandpa Larsen took her, Rebekah and some cousins to the Dollar Store to pick out a treat. She came out with a candy necklace making kit!
We opened it up and got the string out.
I said, "Now start stringing the pieces onto the necklace"
She said, "Mom, but that is food."
She got over it and was quite excited to eat her jewelry.
She's had candy necklaces before, but for some reason it was just too much to make her own??
Silly girl, we sure love her!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Crazy 8s

I was just tagged and it sounds more fun than folding laundry or mopping my floor, so....

Favorite Things

8 Favorite TV Shows-- Let's see how many I can come up with :)
American Idol (probably the only show we really watch faithfully- kind of embarassing)
Glenn Beck
What Not to Wear (I should take notes)
Mike and Mike in the Morning
American News Room (I like Bill and Megan)
I know that's not 8.... too bad.

8 Things I look forward to
Adopting a baby
Economy to improve
Going back to school

8 Things on My Wish List
A Baby
Our houses and townhouses to sell like MAD
A second home in the Virgin Islands
No Bum knees- I could be a runner
Healthy, happy kids growing and developing right
My dream house
A cabin
A maid

8 Things I did Yesterday
Went to Church
Filled out Adoption Forms
Wrote letter to Friends and Family asking for help finding a potential birth mother
Took the lead in our March Madness pool!
Made Chocolate Cake
Helped Katie with Science Project
Read stories to my kids
Went to a Relief Society Presidency Meeting

8 Favorite Restaurants
Johnny Carinos
ANYWHERE mexican
Red Robin
Pequod's Pizza (in Chicago)
PF Changs

8 People I Tag: Anita, Erinn, Takara, Kari, Autumn, Tina, Becky, and Dani

Thursday, March 19, 2009

If Nothing Else, It's Intimidating!

Jack's first pinewood derby was last night.

He was so excited.

He planned his car,

and worked with his dad.

He gave it a special name,


At least it LOOKED fast!

This is his award.

He had a great time!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Baseball is Boring

Today I asked Rebekah if she wanted to play T-ball again this summer. She said, "No. It's boring, You have to wait forever for that special part." I said, "When you get to bat?" She said, "No, when you get the treat."

(Our good friend, Karina Johnson did Bekah's cute hair for this picture)

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well, catching up again.
This time I broke it up into a few different posts.
Scroll down to see it all!

A Christmas Miracle in March

Our three oldest kids are in piano lessons.
We started in September and are still getting the hang of practicing.
Anyway, the first recital was Friday.
Like a good mom, I forgot my camera.
But, before we left, we hadn't practiced enough so I was making the kids CRAM.
I know. Its bad.
It wasn't going well.
Rehearsal was dismal.
They rocked the recital!!!
They all three NAILED thier pieces perfectly!
They looked good and sounded great!
A true miracle.
And for the after party, we all went to Chuck-A -Rama. With Grandma and Grandpa, Uncle Andy and Aunt Tyree, Cousins Emma, Kalli, and Aubree.
Good Times.

BANGS! BANGS! We all want Bangs!

So, a girl in Katie's 4th Grade class got her hair cut, with Bangs.
That became all we heard about.
Katie HAD to have bangs.
She actually wanted short hair with bangs, just like the girl at school.
So, we ended up compromising. (We love her gorgeous red hair long and are still growing it out)
We went for a visit to my good friend, Karla's house. Karla does hair and she has known Katie since she was a little 4 year old. Katie told her all about her love of Bangs and Karla delivered.
She looks more like she is 12 now. Thanks, Karla.

During Katie's unending quest for bangs, she got her little sister, Rebekah on board too.
Last Sunday, it seems Rebekah cut a few bangs of her own.
We had Karla fix that, too.

Cute little redheads.
Oh, yeah.
While we were there, Karla had a haircut she thought would be good for me.
She said, "You won't even have to do your hair!"
How well does Karla know me??!!
I signed up.

I cut enough off to donate!

No bangs for me, though!

Phone call from school

Last Tuesday, I got a phone call from the kids' school.
Gloria, the secretary said, "Everyone is okay, it is just that Jack had a run in with a mud puddle. Could you bring him some clean clothes?"

So, I packed up some clean clothes and headed to the school. When I pulled up, this is what I saw- My little man banished from the brand new school building because of his pure filth.
This is how he explained it,

" I was just walking along the snow not really watching where I was going, when I ended up deep in sinking mud! There was nothing I could do!"

The offending muddy boots and coat.

The culprit himself.
You don't get the full effect in the picture, his backside is CAKED with mud!

Our Newest Addition

I wish it was a baby, but......

Meet Leonardo Tuck Yeager!

Leonardo is a Russian Tortoise, and Jack is the proud new owner. It all started when Katie REALLY wanted a guinea pig. She asked for so long, but Scott kept telling her that when she could prove she was responsible enough by keeping her room clean for a whole month straight, we'd get a pig. Well, last July, she did. Sorry, I don't have any Panda the Guinea Pig pictures. We'll do a post about him soon. He's cute. So, then Jack wanted a pet of his own and was told the same thing. This Feburary 23, He finally got it together and we brought home little Leo.
He is an amazing pet, I think he rocks. He will double in size when he is full grown and he has a life expectancy of, get this......

50 Years!!!
So , he could be with us awhile. We are thrilled. He is so cute.