Thursday, January 22, 2009

Redheads Can Sing!

Well, at least mine can!

Recently, we were so lucky to attend the girls' choir concert! They were so beautiful and they did such a good job! We love Dana, the director, she is so fun for the kids and does such a good job! Especially when you consider the number of small children she is asking to stand still and sing. My cute little niece is hopefully the youngest in the choir (she won't be 4 until mid April). She was hilarious. For the last song, when she just couldn't contain it any longer, she started the dancing in front of the entire combined choir. Its a good thing she is so adorable. And Dana is so patient.

Here's the redheads before leaving for dress rehearsal.

Rebekah. So cute. Can't believe she is getting closer to SIX!

We HAVE to have a goofy shot. It's who we are!

Katie at the concert. She looks so old.
I can't believe she is almost in the DOUBLE DIGITS! What will I do? She is gorgeous.

Gotta Love Dairy Queen!!
Thanks, Grandma and Granpda!
Cousins, Friends, Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents make for some Good Times!
Good Times, Indeed.

The 3 year old table was a little too WILD for the rest of us.
Really, though they are CLOSE friends.
I failed to get a picture of the girls' with their roses after the concert. Whoops.
Well, there is always the Spring Concert!
Since the concert we have been HIT with a stomach flu. UGH.
Here are some unrelated pics.

Rebekah the Princess.
She loves dressing up, wearing makeup and having her nails done.
Where did this girly girl come from???

One Sunday, Olivia asked me to make her hair, "curly,curly all over!"
When I was done I showed her in the mirror and all she said was,
"Well, you better take a picture!"
What fun, getting 3 girls ready for Church!

Here is our SUPER handsome boy, Jack.
He is on the ladder because he is a boy and if there is a ladder available, he will get on it.
(We were replacing light bulbs)
He is getting HUGE. He eats like a horse and he is growing constantly.
He is in Cub Scouts now. Fun, fun, fun!
Watch for pics of PINEWOOD DERBY, oh joy!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I didn't know it was THAT windy!

I guess it was pretty windy yesterday!
I HAD to "come see!" so this is what all the excitement was about yesterday. At least it's SOMETHING exciting in January. And, as you can see by the ability to see grass, that we've had a different winter so far-- With MELTY days! I love melty days. They give me hope.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We definitely had a WHITE CHRISTMAS this year! Here is Jack shoveling off the deck in the back yard. He and I have become "shoveling buddies" with Scott's back surgery on Dec. 11th.

We had a great Christmas- it was a more simplified, more meaningful Christmas this year. It was a little harder for me to pull it all together while taking care of Scott and keeping the driveway clear of the white stuff, but it was another great Christmas season. This is JC opening his flannel sheets from Grandma and Grandpa for warm winter nights! :) Santa brought Jack a basketball hoop for the driveway! Look out NBA!

Poor Katie, she got the flu for Christmas- she started puking Christmas Eve and still didn't feel well Christmas day. She is such a sweet kid and was so good about it. Here she is getting TV Chef Barbie! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! This year she FINALLY got the Easy Bake Oven she has been asking Santa for. We've already enjoyed some yummy muffins.

Olivia made it to the bottom of her stocking!
She only wanted "little tiny ponies and the ponies need a house" from Santa- he delivered. She loves her little Ponyville ponies and the purse/house for them to live in! This was a fun Christmas with Livvie around. She really got into it and was constantly telling us "Merry Christmas!"

Rebekah told Santa to bring her whatever he thought would be best. Santa knows how much Bekah LOVES babies and knew just what to bring! She loves her new baby! She loves everything she got and has loved playing with her zoo doctor barbie! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

New Year's Eve is also our Anniversary! I have the best husband on the planet and I can't belive how fast the time has gone!!
New Year's Day we just relaxed, ate good food, and played with our new toys!
Here are the kids playing with those plasticky bubbles- BALOONIES!
Thanks for the fun, Grandma and Grandpa!

Here is Olivia playing dress-up with her new dress up clothes from her Great-Aunt Cathy!
Pretty Princess

We had a really great Christmas Vacation! We had family in town-my brother and his family came from Ogden, my sister came from Orem, and my little brother and his new wife came from Reno! It was so good to see everyone- of course I didn't think to grab the camera much over the Holidays. Maybe that should be a resolution for the new year :) Oh, well. The best thing about this year has to be time spent together. With Scott's surgery and school being out, we've spent a lot of quality time together and it is going to be hard when its over. (Our kids don't have to go back to school until Jan. 12th because of construction delays on their new school)
2008 was an adventurous year- tons of memories made good and bad- FOUR SURGERIES! Tonsils and Scott's back. A fun trip to Chicago, several camping trips this summer, great birthdays, great holidays..... It was just a really fun, busy year!
Here's to 2009!!!