Tuesday, December 2, 2008


These are just some random pictures I had in my camera that I thought I should stick on here. They are in no particular order.

This is Olivia sleeping while standing, well, leaning against her bed. She was in the middle of getting jammies on. It was kind of quiet and so this is what I found on investigation. She must have really worn herself out that day!

Katie and Goliath. He is so big. And made of stupid. Lucky for him, he's a great looking dog. Truly its what keeps him with us.

One day we had the barest SKIFF of snow. The girls had to get COMPLETELY dressed to go "play in the snow". Livvie was quite excited.

Here they are in their matching coats. Seemed like a good idea until Rebekah kept accidentally wearing Livvie's. We drew a star on the tag of one so they'd know which one to put on.

This is Jack on his baptism day. It was a good day. Even if he's eyes are closed in this particular picture.

We actually decorated our trunk for Trunk-or Treat this year. It was fun and the weather was fantastic.

Jack was Darth Vader

Katie was a medieval princess/princess leia

Olivia was a Lion and Bekah was Fiona again. Rebekah was really excited about wearing makeup. Not so excited to take a picture.

The whole bunch.