Monday, November 24, 2008

What Mykalee thought of the Twilight Movie (SPOILER WARNING)

First, of all, I LOVED the books. I loved the romance, the vampire world, and the awesome action. The perfect ingredients for an outstanding movie, right? Well, no.
There were only brief moments when I could see how much Edward loved Bella. I didn't get that overwhelming protectiveness, can't stand to be away from you kind of a feeling from Edward, just brief glimpses of it. (Like the neck kiss in the Gazebo)
Bella seemed so sullen through the movie. I didn't get how much she was "dazzled" by Edward at all.
The movie was so choppy and had no flow. It made Bella seem suicidal. It didn't seem like she was into Edward so much it didn't matter that he was a vampire, it seemed like she just didn't care for her own life and made a poor decision.
The special effects were pathetic. He has amazing "superhero" skills that could have been so great in a movie. Yet it all seemed so cheesy. It was just silly when he was showing Bella how fast and strong he was, and the whole tree climbing, jumping thing was just lame.
I did like the baseball game, and I liked Alice.
I thought the makeup on the vampires was weak. How did the town not see the pasty white vampires a mile away??
So, overall, the movie did not impress me. No offense to anyone who loved it. I'll still be your friend :0)
It just made me feel stupid for ever liking the books. I laughed a lot. I think it was unintenionally funny.
I think if they really vamp up the budget for the next one, it could be done better. Not sure I love the director either.
Interesting enough, people who haven't read the books and saw the movie are liking it. Not sure what that means.
Okay, I feel better now, had to get that off my chest.
I'll use Gina's 1-10 system here.
1 hating, and 10 best movie ever
I'm at a 3 on this one.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Finally, Jack's Birthday Pictures!

Jack turned 8 this October 9th! Due to some technical difficulties, I am just now getting his pictures blogged. He had a quiet night on his actual birthday with his favorite food (salmon, rice, and broccoli) and chocolate cake. Then, for his "party" he invited EVERY boy in his 2nd grade class. He chose a "halloween theme" for the party.
Everyone dressed up.

It was LOUD.
We thought it would never end.
It was the best night of his life.

This was full of homemade rootbeer and dry ice for that creepy effect. The boys loved it.

This was the inevitable dive for candy after the pinata burst.

Jack opening presents.

Jack and his Jack 'O'Lantern cake.

Jack = Darth Vader

The cake

His cake on his actual Birthday. Our EIGHT year old boy!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Come to a Scentsy Party Thursday!

I am having a SCENSTY party at my house tomorrow at 12:30-2:30. Come on over! Kids are welcome to come too! I decided I wanted to do a party for Candace Sautter, who sells Scensty, but my evenings all fill up so fast, I thought- lets do it during the day! Kids can play downstairs with my kids and it will be so fun.
Just for coming you get a FREE SCENT!
If you can't make at that time for any reason but are still interested, I'll have the scents at my house until Friday. You can stop on by and check it out.
This is a great Christmas gift idea! Come get some shopping done and see some good friends, bring some good friends, and have fun!
To see Candace's website click Here
If this is what you want for YOU this holiday, make sure your husband stops by! Or come and make your wish list:o)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

This year Katie decided she was too cool to carve pumpkins with us, so her pic is just her outside on the deck.

Rebekah wanted to carve one of our spaghetti squash this year. It was much harder than the pumpkins, but she was so happy.

Olivia had so much fun with the whole thing!

We ended up carving our pumpkins on November 1st this year, because of our crazy schedules. I was ready to bag the whole thing, but Jack insisited. Strongly. He brought in the pumpkins and set it all up.

He designed and carved it all by his lonesome and loved every minute of it. Really. He just doesn't like his picture being taken.