Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Grammy & Papa came to visit!

Grammy and Papa with the gang

Hogle Zoo- Me and the monkeys

Four Crazy Yeagers at the zoo

Papa and Olivia

Scotty, Jack, Me (and the redheads) on the deck at the Miner's Club in Park City

Kids and a dolled up moose in Park City, UT

Scott's parents just paid us a visit from Chicago! We spent the first three days in Park City, thanks to our friends and neighbors, the Wilsons. We had a great time and loved staying in The Miner's Club with them. We relaxed in the hot tub, watched movies, ate great food and went to Hogle Zoo. Then, we came back to Idaho Falls and ate more great food and spent some time with my family that was in town. Scott and I even got to go camping for one night alone! We had a bunch of fun. Thanks for coming to visit Grammy and Papa!