Thursday, June 26, 2008

Time to Give Up the Keys, Grandma!

Yesterday, we stopped off at Sonic after running some errands. We got slushies for the kids and a treat for Scott, in hopes of cheering him up a bit. (still horrible pain, nothing helps).

Well, our quick trip to Sonic was more exciting than we had planned. Just after we had placed our order, we pulled up (at the drive-thru) and waited for the car ahead of us, until, BAM! We got rear ended! This little old lady behind us in a little white car accidentally pushed the gas instead of the break! She actually pushed us quite a distance- impressive since she had some little car(couldn't tell you what kind, unless I go look at the police report-nope too lazy) and we had our big suburban.

The front of her car, SMASHED. The back of our car- the tow hitch- bent a little.
I kind of wonder if the hitch actually protected our car.
There were pieces of hers lying on the ground. And when she drove away, something was dragging underneath.
Anyway, it was lucky she wasn't plowing down a crowd, or in a busy intersection. She said her feet were too swollen to put on shoes, but she figured she could drive herself to the Sonic to get a hamburger. She figured wrong.
Time for her family to step up and start driving Grandma around. That's gotta be a hard day, when you realize you don't have your freedom to leave on your own anymore.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Sometimes you just can't plan life!

Well, nothing we planned on doing happened this weekend. Scott's back is getting out of control. He has Sciatica. Bad. He spent the weekend trying to find a position that he wasn't moaning in. So, we didn't get anything done. I did teach my lesson, but thats it.
He has a Dr. appt. Friday (the earliest they could get him in) and they will then schedule his MRI. Hopefully it won't be anything too major. Hopefully there will be something the Dr. can do for him! Poor guy, I hate it. I wish I could help him some how!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Another Crazy Week

Well I am so glad its Friday, not that we slow down on the weekends, but....
This week was wild. We had 6 baseball games (lots of park time for the kids), baseball pictures, we went boating(except the boat wouldn't start and we just played in the reservoir) with my cousin and his family, I went visiting teaching, I finally got the kids signed up for summer reading at the library, I got a lot of office work done, (thanks Shayla), went for walks with the kids, played slip'n'slide with the kids (big mistake, my body isn't young anymore!:( I completely knocked the wind out of me! OUCH), cleaned out my fridge (you don't even want to know), and had some serious fun on the wii fit.
Now I need to go mow the lawn and we have a ward dinner tonight. Katie is having a sleepover tonight, tomorrow we are cleaning the church, cleaning out the garage, washing the cars, planning my lesson, and hopefully going swimming! Sunday is a day of rest. Thank goodness.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Katie is 9!!!

Katie is almost in the "double digits"!! I am really not that okay with this. They are all getting too big too fast. A sign she is "growing up"- she got an mp3 player for her birthday! We just had a fun little family party, which worked well since her birthday fell on Father's Day this year. She had quite a slumber party last year. Anyway, she wanted a pool party cake, so.....

This is actually an ice cream cake!

Sisters and cousins crowding in to see what she got!

(one gift was a slip n slide from Grandma and Grandpa, so maybe some fun pics will be posted soon!)

Exotic Location #2!

This last weekend, we went camping! We just went to Heise, very close to home. We had a blast. We went on two hikes, one was a very steep more of a quick hike, and the other was the Cress Creek Nature Trail. Highly recommend it for familes.
We roasted weenies on the campfire (kindling wood courtesy of Jack and his little hatchet), read stories in the trailer before bed, and made a great memory for the kids.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Current Events

Jack found a snake at the irrigation ditch- exciting for everyone!

Jack lost another tooth!

First Exotic Location: our driveway.
Scott had the trailer "popped up" to get ready for the Father Son campout, so I let the kids eat their 1st meal inside.

Rebekah- First year of TeeBall.

A proud member of the Purple People Eaters (possibly the cutest teeball team ever)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baseball 2

Wow. We had our 2nd games yesterday. Our team played so much better! Every player had at least one good hit. And our bigger 12 year old player had some well planned, based loaded home runs! The kids had so much fun, and they even fielded better. The team we played was a little concerned about the size of our players. Scott had to go over and explain how the mayor of Iona wanted the league open to all players 8-12 because there weren't enough 10-12 year old players to make a league of their own, and we just happened to get most of the older players that did sign up. I think our team is the only one that wasn't created as a team with a coach.
We just signed Jack up on his own. So, too bad for them. We won.

Rebekah's team did a little better, I thought. On the way to the game, I asked Bekah is she was ready to run as fast as she could to 1st base. She said, "Yeah, I just can't run that fast. Sorry, about that, Mom!"
But she did run a little faster, anyway. She is so funny.

I did take pics at Rebekah's game but not at Jack's (I'll have to assign a parent to take some for me)
I'll post our latest pics soon. I am always just in a hurry.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Girls' Night

Tonight is the Father/Son campout. They are going to use the "new" pop up tent trailer.
The girls are understandably a little upset.
So, I need to come up with a fabulous night that will make them glad we had to stay behind.
Any suggestions?
I am thinking we will have to have an indoor picnic (its actually going to be chilly/windy/rainy today here), maybe games, goodies and a movie. Maybe tomorrow we will go to the zoo.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


I take it all back.
Giving up that part of my life really isn't a smart way for me to think right now. The housing market is changing. Quickly.
We need to be more careful financially until things pick up again. (Just ignore pictures of trailer below :) Really we could live there if we needed to-just kidding)
So, I won't complain anymore. I am going to accept that this is my life, and try to figure out how to best deal with it, and how to require less sleep.
Sorry to burden anyone who reads this.
No need to comment.
I'll be fine.
I had my friend Shayla watch the girls so I could get some office work done today. I can just hire her to do that once a week or so.
Yeah, that will be good.


At LEAST once a month, I announce to Scott that I quit.
Well, its that time again. I am so overwhelmed by everything I am supposed to do. I am behind in our accounting/bookkeeping of our company. My fault.
I am reading a book about living a balanced life, to see how I can possibly keep all these balls in the air that I am trying to juggle. Well, according to this book, I can't. I have accepted too many balls and its time to pass some off to someone else gracefully.
Okay, which balls? My kids? My house? My baseball team? My kids' activities? Grocery shopping? My church calling? Etc, Etc.??
I know, I know, the obvious one is my JOB. The thing is, I work for beans. I don't want to pay someone else to do what I do for free. Also, I have control issues. I don't dare hand it off! What if someone screwed it up? (like anyone can screw it up worse than I have!)
I even tried to pass it off once. I was desperate to be a real mom again. (I noticed that on those Nanny 911 or Supernanny shows that the "work-at-home" moms' kids behaved the worst- its terrible parenting to work while your children raise themselves. In my opinion.)
Anyway, this girl that I tried was just too rusty on her Quick Books skills. It would have taken forever to train her and she wanted to bring her little boy with her, so while we were in the office, all the kids were running amuck destroying the house! Maybe my control issues were clouding my judgement and it would have worked out, but.....
I have to do something!!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Yesterday, we took a quick trip to Spanish Fork, UT.

We left around 8:00 a.m. ( I let the kids miss a day of school) and we were home by 9:00p.m.

Crazy, huh?

Scott has had a slight obsession lately. He has wanted a pop up tent trailer. It started with wanting a new four-wheeler for me, so we could go together. Then, somehow, it turned into a tent trailer to make camping more fun and frequent.

He looked and looked all over. This was the one. It would sell before it was convenient for us to go, so we just went. After all, what is family for, if not being stuck in the car together for 8 hours in a given day?

Anyway, he was very specific about what he wanted. Old, big, and available. This sleeps up to 8.

And now, its ours.

I'll try to get a picture of the outside soon. Hopefully, with pictures of us enjoying it in exotic locations!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well, we had our 1st game yesterday.
We didn't win. We lost.
I thought the team did great, though. It was fun to watch them. We just have a few things to work on at next practice.

Rebekah's T-ball game was yesterday as well. Her all girl team ages 3-5 was down right entertaining to watch. Some physically needed someone to show them how to get to first base.
There was crying in baseball.
Funny. They are so cute in their purple shirts, it just doesn't matter. Bekah did great though. She just needs to run faster.

No, I didn't take any pics yesterday. I'll get some Wednesday.