Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Boys

Jack just got his 2nd suit ever. I think he looks so handsome. He hasn't had one since the one when he was three years old.

Our 1st Trampoline!

We finally got our trampoline! The kids really wanted it last September when we moved in, but life just got in the way. Now, in what we hoped would be SPRING, we went ahead and grabbed one. Hopefully, it will be nice enough outside to jump on it!

Katie Got Glasses!

After a trip to the eye Dr. today, we discovered that Katie needs glasses!
I think she looks adorable.
According to the Dr., her eyes are hyperfocusing, and aren't working well together. So, she is wearing bifocals! At the age of 8!
She is having to get used to them, and is anxiously excited to see what the kids at school think!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We are back in the game!

Today is Katie's 2nd day back to school, and Bekah's 1st. They all seem to be back to normal! HOORAY!
It seems I am just never happy.
Because now, we are back in the craziness again!!! Don't get me wrong, running the kids all over town and worrying about homework and such is WAY better than holding down screaming kids to give them medicine but.....
It was just nice not Having to be anywhere.
I'll try to be grateful for our crazy schedule and enjoy each moment.
Its just that now I have time to realize how BEHIND I am and how I don't have time to catch up!:)

Friday, April 18, 2008

August Rush

I just needed to make a quick post about this movie- August Rush. Have you seen it? My parents bought it and loaned it to us. We loved it! I really enjoy movies like that. I love that there are people so inspired/passionate about things like music. It was amazing. I sometimes wish I were more passionate about Something! I feel like a bit of a dud, nothing exciting or interesting here. What really amazes me are the people who have children and still find time/can't live without what it is they are passionate about!

Its Been a Week Today!

Its been a week today since we had the girls' tonsils out. We are not where I wanted us to be by now. The girls are still miserable. Katie missed a whole week of school, her first soccer game of the season, a choir concert.....
Hopefully this weekend will turn things around.
They HAVE to get better!
I need to get out of the house!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I am so bad at figuring out how to make my blog all cute like everyone elses!!! I give up, I have things to do!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Before all the tonsils madness, we went to Chicago for Spring Break to visit Scott's Family. We had some fun, made some memories, and got to see people we NEVER get to see!

Pictures of the Poor Girls

Rebekah fell fast asleep holding the balloon Aunt Tyree brought over. On the floor in the hall, while she was waiting for Olivia to finish going potty so they could go downstairs together to watch a movie.
We are going throught the frozen treats at an incredible speed!


Well, Stacey, I think you are the only one reading this blog so far, I haven't really told anyone about it yet....
Anyway, we were having strep monthly. Just all the time. The girls were snoring like freight trains. Acting tired all the time, I thought maybe we should look at their tonsils and see if we were also dealing with sleep apnea. Well, they were HUGE. Their little uvulas were being squished between the tonsils!
Jack's were practically invisible.
SO, after a visit to the ENT, he took one look and said OUT THEY GO! So, now we just have to recover
After their surgery, the ENT said that their adnodes were also enormous! Poor girls. I have some very high hopes that this will help Katie's ADD and prevent what looked like Rebekah's coming ADD. Cross your fingers and pray with me! :)


Well, Olivia is doing much better today. Still HATES taking medicine, but also is happier and a little more active.

Katie, however, woke up crying, saying it was the worst pain yet! It might be the scabs coming off today. I read that it might happen around now.

Rebekah is doing marginally better. A little less cranky than yesterday, but still quite mean.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Well, we survived the surgery, but we are sad, cranky girls demanding ice cream at all hours! I told Scott I feel like all I do is administer medicine and scoop ice cream. I feel so bad for the girls, they are in some serious pain. I have pictures of the three of them eating popsicles together, but complications with the camera cords and such will probably not allow me enough time to show you before they start screaming for ice cream again!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We finally have the date set for the T&As! Friday morning at 5:00 a.m. we have to be at EIRMC. Katie has had it with all the cancellations and she is just depressed, scared and fed up!
I am completely anxious to have all three girls go into surgery in one day. I am overwhelmed with the fear of it.